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    Default AAR: Rifle Gunfighting Feb 22-23 2014 Chattanooga TN with Randy Harris

    The Rifle Gunfighting class taught by Randy Harris was outstanding. Randy does a great job of breaking skills down to their basic parts, instructs those parts, then building on them incrementally. Before you know it you’re doing back flips and throwing tomahawks. (joking)

    The dry work we did the first day with weapon manipulations and shooting position gets everyone on the same page, so in the afternoon when we went live there were no surprises.

    The second day reinforces the skills learned the first day to which more skills are built on to.

    A little tip: Knee pads make life more comfortable. Sure you can make through the class without knee pads, but it is much more comfort kneeling in the mud with knee pads.

    Another tip: Slings that are long enough to go over your head and around your body can go in front of the muzzle. But you have to be a great High Speed/Low Drag Mall Ninja Jedi Master with 10 pens in your pocket like myself to shoot right through the center of your sling when it is in front of your muzzle while busting off the X.

    Thank you Randy for a great class.
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    Echo all the Robert wrote. I've trained with Randy through several courses. Every one was well worth the time and travel.

    As in prior classes, Randy took time before each drill set to talk through a short lesson or familiarization that added greater value to the live action drills. This class, Randy gave a good fam on ARs and AKs, along with the various modifications one is likely to encounter. (I brought a Mini-14 to the class, and was pleased that Randy spent time showing the group the operating fundamentals of all the weapons at hand.) His attitude is that one should be prepared to fight with whatever weapon one finds "laying on the battlefield."

    Randy keeps discussion guided, but is receptive to Q&A. His instructional style is authoritative but relaxed in that he clearly knows his craft, but when a question is posed that may be a bit outside "the book" solution, Randy is quick to say: "Let's look at that..." then walks succinctly through pros and cons of tactical alternatives, inviting students to work unusual battle problems out for themselves.

    In training evolutions, students get out what they put in. If the student comes to class prepared to imagine themselves facing not paper targets but genuine attackers, the student will drop into a firing position in the mud, wrestle on hard ground, or rip through a speedy tactical reload. Training pressure helps one to experience what works and what doesn't. (It's amazing how many faults and gear malfunctions manifest themselves under pressure that go unrealized when one is simply trying on or administratively handling equipment.) The best thing about Randy's classes are that they serve as a safe but realistic training laboratory.

    I'm looking forward to the next class.

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    Thanks guys...I'll try to get some pics up soon....
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