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    A couple of things. I have been privileged to finally own and use NV for the past 10 years. I have been to classes where my buddy had thermal and we used them together. I would say that each has it's own mission. For surveillance and detection, the thermal shines. But when you want to engage targets, you can't beat the NV. So it depends on your mission requirements. If you are in a rural/semi-rural area, in a high threat level, you may want to man an OP/LP or even run security patrols. In this scenario, having thermal for general surveillance would be awesome. Once an indication is found, the NV can be used for positive Target ID and engagement.

    In one patrol class, my buddy and I were on security at about zero dark thirty. The instructor decided to probe our lines. My bud could see his thermal signature way before I could see him in NIR. So we got our shit together way sooner than the other guys because we had more time to detect and challenge his ass before he was right on top of us. The other teams with "just" NV saw him as well but had less time to react. They interdicted him as well, but could've been over-run if they didn't react fast. So yeah, definite advantage when you are tired/sick/hungry (in other words combat conditions) and fighting to stay awake.

    In a home invasion scenario, the threat is already indicated, now you need to engage and defeat it. So the need for thermal is mute; you just need NV to kill it.

    Likewise for an active shooter event, in low/no light, the threat is already indicated, you just need to engage and defeat it.

    So in general, where the threat has already "announced" itself, you only need NV to prosecute it. But where the threat is hiding or being stealthy, thermal comes into play. I would say having the combination would be ideal, especially if you can afford the new "blended" technologies. But if you can only afford one, I would start with NV. With this you can fight (and navigate) in low/no light.

    On the movement thing. The terrain and situation dictates foot movement. When you add in the low/no light, you may have to modify your walking technique. "Shuffling" may be a technique that's usable on smooth surfaces with no litter/obstacles about, if you are that lucky. In general, I lift my feet, to one degree or another, and place the "blade" or side of the foot down first, feel around for anything, then slowly transfer weight to it. It's a rolling/sliding motion rather than a "ker-chunk" of your heel hitting and then your foot coming down. We called this the "jungle" or "night" stalk. When someone is just ditty-bopping through the woods (especially on dry leaves) you can hear a distinctive heel strike and then the foot comes down: ker-runch, ker-runch, ker-runch. It pretty obvious it's a person walking. When doing the night stalk there is still some noise, but it's a continuous crunching/rustling sound, that imitates the back ground noise, and may not be so obvious that it's a person.

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    Its an awesome stuff, but i would like to see one what u can use for shootgun incorporated!! i think i will try but not too sure as i have anxiety. hopefully i will get over it and will start doing something.
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