So then, is there space for picking up some quality built older tech gen.1 nvgs?

Seriously. It goes without saying that if you are betting your life on NVG to dispatch a threat to your property, that you want the best, but what about some cheaper ones as training aids for the kids as they grow older, or tossed in a GHB next to the trunk rifle in case a Ferguson breakout next to the office?

I am asking for the above reasons, as well as to say, i drive a jeep Cherokee that cost me $2500. Our other car is a Hyundai accent. She is a school teacher, I'm a cable guy. Spending $3k on a 3rd gen is about as realistic as entering a Porsche dealership.

What are some good cheaper units that have proven themselves and can bridge the gap? Gabe himself said he'd rather have gen1 milsurp than a flashlight to clear a house.

At least until I manage to bringing in the real bucks in the next few years. I'm not planning on being a cable guy forever.

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