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    Default best self defense shotgun?

    i want opinions on what is the best shotgun for self defense.

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    The one you have at hand in the moment of truth!
    beware of the man who shoots one gun.

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    Default yes you're right.

    Quote Originally Posted by alamo View Post
    The one you have at hand in the moment of truth!
    here are my two faves:

    pump action: mossberg 590
    semi-auto: benelli m4

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    1. Benelli M4
    2. Remington 870
    3. Mossberg 590

    Granted, the role of the modern shotgun in the home is really a shelter-in-place, shoot-them-when-they-open-the-door kind of gun. The SBR / rifle caliber pistol / extended mag RMR handgun is far superior for house cleaning duty.

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    I don't have enough experience with a variety of shotguns to offer a meaningful ranking. The one shotgun that I have spent a fair amount of time with is the 870. For my own (or, I should say, my wife's) needs, the 870 serves well. Hers is an old Wingmaster that is well broken-in. She doesn't have particularly strong hands, but she can comfortably keep that gun topped off. Her plan is simply to put her back to the wall, huddled behind the bed, and shoot anyone who comes through the bedroom door. (Except for me, hopefully. But that's a different discussion.) The 870 runs smooth and feeds anything you put in it. The chief compliant is that it's a bit heavy.

    I love the Benellis, but have very little time in with them. I also recall a friend's Beretta 1200 that was a wonderful social shotgun. I have difficulty judging the Mossberg 590 on its own merits, because I have handled too many crappy 500s.

    To get a more precise answer, it would help to define your environment better. Are you following a shelter-in-place strategy? Are you thinking about a truck gun? What engagement distances might you face? What kind of barrier penetration do you need? How many adversaries are likely? How many are possible? With those questions answered, you will get more useful advice. Also let us know if you have budgetary restrictions.
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    Benelli M3 with lots of buck

    Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.
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    "It is good to be strong, but better to know how to use it."
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    I like my wife's 20 gauge 870 a lot.

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    Depends on the situation and which ever one you can run in the dark with it blowing rain while you are waist deep in a swamp!

    i started with a break action and became pretty familiar with it. Enough so that I still find use for a double barrel lounging around the house waiting for a quick pull on the hammers to wake it up.

    I think of them as a claymore before I get to the Glock. It probably comes from having a 590 spring go south on me while on bedroom duty many years ago. Yea the upgraded spring never has, but it sticks with you if you want one sitting in the corner day in and day out. (Not that the 590 twins are not hanging around too I just thought I would give you something to think about.)

    All that being said a few more hours in the saddle with the M4 pistol and I expect the shotgun to move from its secondary roll to a tertiary place behind the Recce, M4 pistol and the G34 that keep them company.

    i have a friend who is trying to corrupt me with the bull pup virus so things may be in flux for a while as I shake things out.

    Which ever one you get buy quality and get to know it enough to run it when your azz deep in alligators and you will be ok!

    Si vis pacem, para bellum!

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    +1 for the double barrel asleep in the corner waiting for a tug on the hammers.

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    It really depends on your definition of self defense. Honestly the shotgun is largely eclisped by SMGs (even semis), Carbines (ARs & AKs), and modern Pistols--BUT, there are still some places where they excell. Im a huge fan of a SxS hammer gun, because they are short and can be kept loaded without any spring pressure. At room distance a couple rounds of 10ga or 12ga or even 20ga, is more than you shout ever need (under MOST circumstances). In THAT situation I wouldnt consider reloading, instead think about transitioning to a hand gun or use the Shotgun as a club.


    Alternatively, I do like a Short Barrel AOW pump like the old Scatter Gun Technologies "Witness Protection" guns, for Close Protection details.


    IF your take on self defense with a shotgun leans more towards the instead of a rifle, Id suggest a re-assesment, unless its a legal requirement, then Id look seriously at the Benellis. and Id go as short as possible.


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