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    Default Terrorist Interdiction/Active shooter AAR

    Wow what an eye opening course. Randy and Trey did a great job, they really opened our eyes to the threat we are facing in the current environment. This was a fact based study of terrorist events and what the civilian can do to change the out come of just such and event.
    Class started with a lecture about the history of terrorism and some of the methods used to terrorize the public. After the lecture we hit the range for some basic fundamental drills. the were more related to accuracy and to build our skills in order to make a accurate shot at distance.
    After lunch the drill was 1 shot on an 8" plate at 30 yards. Think of this as a head shot on demand. About half the class made it. Is this in your skill set? It should be. After the range session Trey led another lecture full of examples of how the terrorist think. Knowing how your enemy thinks is the first step to defeat them. He also got us to think about how they perceive us in their country as well as how they train for the missions against the west. Americans often think the jihadist are ignorant and worthless. Some are highly educated with college degrees. They do extensive planning and training to ensure success of their mission. The CIA even trained some of them to fight against the USSR. They did not forget all that training and are now using that against us.

    The next session was hand to hand. Since the bad guys like to attack in areas where it is illegal for a CCW, Having good hand to hand and disarm skills is important. We worked many different strikes including palm, hammer fist, knees, elbows and a few stomps My grappling dummy took the worst of it so we could go harder without hurting each other. The disarm session started with the same techniques used in 0-5 feet but added some methods to use from the side and rear. The side and rear methods might not seem like much but when executed swiftly the gun comes right out. After this we went into scenario based force on force. the events were set up using the same info from the lecture. There was a cafe with mass shooting, a lecture hall kidnapping, and the Pissed off worker at the DMV. We rotated being the terrorist and not all role players had a CCW. I learned a lot here, like be smart and evaluate the situation. don't go to the gun to quick. Or, I should say do't single yourself out as the only guy there with a gun. That can make you the first guy shot. For this reason I prefer concealed carry over open carry.

    The last session was weapon familiarization. We had several types of battle rifles available including AK,AR,HK, FAL, SIG, FS2000. The pistol line up include S&W659, HKP7, Beretta 92F, 1911, Browning, Walther PPK, SIG 226 & 238, Tokerov an probably a few more. The goal was to learn as many weapon systems and platforms so if you have the opportunity to use a terrorist gun against him you could actually run the gun as designed.

    Randy did an excellent job tying all the material together to drive the lesson home. I really enjoyed the course. If you get the opportunity to take this one I would do so. This ain't the 20th century the techniques the bad guy s are using are evolving and improving. The bad guys are learning from each event good or bad. If we don't change our plan of attack they will continue with the attacks on our society.

    May God bless and keep you safe.
    Scott Vandiver
    NRA Training Counselor
    Private Security Instructor

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    This was a great class with many incredible learning opportunities. 2 SI instructors were present along with several other very tactical individuals. The various scenarios that were discussed along with the tactics 2 prevail. Were very thought provoking and exhilarating. Great class can't wait to do it again. It really pushed precision and performance.

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    I love lecturing during the SE TASI courses. I hope you all enjoyed the sessions, as much as you can having me talk for 4 hours! I enjoyed meeting you all and seeing many old friends. Randy and Scott are top notch and complemented the boring lecture stuff with some great H2H and shooting materiel. It was a pleasure and honor to teach and train w/ y'all!!!

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