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    Default At close quarters: The true story of colonel hector grant-taylor


    Way back in 2005 I started a thread on WT searching out some information on the wartime CQB specialist Grant-Taylor. I had had an interest in him and his shooting methods for a number of year previous to this initial request primarily at the encouragement of an old friend of mine. However, at the time (and in the subsequent years following my post) there was very little accurate information about him. It was a mystery.

    So I set about researching his background, his methods and coallating this information into an accurate manuscript and some 8 years later this has culminated in a new book - AT CLOSE QUARTERS.

    I have over the years also been lucky enough to train with several of Grant-Taylor's wartime pupils and to be instructed in the techniques, mindset and tactics that he espoused in the area of point shooting and CQB.

    Details of the book are below:


    Just to make you aware of a new book coming out this September.

    If you thought you knew the story of Colonel Hector Grant-Taylor – then think again!

    A new book - At Close Quarters: The true story of SOE pistol instructor Colonel Hector Grant-Taylor -finally puts to rest the myths and legends that surrounded his life and unravels the mysterious truth behind the enigma that was Grant-Taylor!

    1940: The Special Operations Executive (SOE) was the paramount Allied sabotage force of the Second World War.

    Its job - in Churchill's words - was to "set Europe ablaze" through the use of sabotage, insurrection and assassination.

    One of its "shining Stars" and "legends" was the close-combat pistol instructor, Colonel Hector Grant-Taylor. Grant-Taylor taught the commandos, secret agents and irregular soldiers the art of how to kill at close quarters.

    He taught them how to be ruthless, lethal and covert, and yet his own life was itself a mystery worthy of a John Buchan thriller novel.

    Misinformation, deception, bravery, killing, and ultimately redemption, all play a part in his story and At Close Quarters finally puts to rest the myths and legends that surrounded his life.

    I thank you for your time and this opportunity and I hope you enjoy At Close Quarters!

    About the Author:

    David Armstrong has worked as a security consultant and investigator. It is during this career that he began studying the history of what is known as the "Grant-Taylor” shooting method.
    Eight years ago he began by researching Grant-Taylor’s story, and as of now, is the only writer who has managed to gather together all the pieces of his life accurately and present it in a comprehensive work.

    At Close Quarters contains never before released information and previously unseen photographs of Grant-Taylor,his CQB method and the milieu of close quarter combat.

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