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    What's the life of a handgun firing pin?

    I just replaced a G19 aftermarket firing pin that broke last month. I replaced it with a factory Glock pin.

    When my M&P 9c firing pin broke, I sent it back to the factory. They replaced it under warranty and gave me a spare.

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    Suarez Int. sells tool steel firing pins. Glock pins are MIM.
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    Speaking of which, anyone know when the gear store will have the option to add the Suarez firing pin to my cart again? I'm looking to order one to replace the broken factory firing pin on one of my Glocks.
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    include those little SPRING CUPS guys ...
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    Same as above. Waiting on the S.I. firing pins for my G23 and G22. (Already have the S.I. Safety plungers and the spring cups.)

    Also S.I. Hardened tool-steel firing pins and safety plungers for the Glock 43? Please?

    And thank you.

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    Firing pin prototypes are in the final phases of field testing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by M1A's r Best View Post
    I recently read a thread on another forum from a guy who had just attended a Glock armorer's class/school. He mentioned that the instructor told them Glock has changed their position on dry firing due to their use of MIM firing pins (I suppose in the newer models??). Evidently they used to feel you could dry fire all you wanted with no issues but now state "unlimited" dry firing isn't recommended. Could that firing pin be from a newer model?
    oh - if only someone made a high quality replacement firing pin.

    geezer john

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