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    Quote Originally Posted by Netpackrat View Post
    I checked and she is up for retention in 2016. That should allow plenty of time for organizing some electoral payback, if a sufficient number of people in the valley care enough to do so.
    So far, the only judges who have ever not been retained in Alaska have had the judicial council recommend against their retention. The council's recommendation is displayed right there on the ballot. Of the two judges I know who have had that happen to them, one was straight-up crazy and the other was one of the best judges that I have ever practiced in front of. (He was also a former prosecutor and not generally considered "defense friendly", but my experience with him showed me a conscientious judge who thought about the issues but still reached decisions quickly.) While the voters ostensibly have the power, they seem to do whatever the council says to do. So keeping your seat on the bench still comes down to winning the popularity contest at bar functions.

    But I'd love to see Kari Kristiansen get the boot. She's a truly horrible judge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Texican_gal View Post
    He's forced to take anger management classes. He does not have an anger problem. Ridiculous. The "problem" is that he's a real man, not a pushover weakling.
    I went to that once. Pissed me off.

    Quote Originally Posted by gunplumber View Post
    This is why I believe that the number one duty of every American is jury service. The same people who wax poetic about "how could the jury be so stupid" also brag about how they "got out of" jury service.
    Heard a bunch of that. Sadly my case tommorrow is because the DA is up for reelection.

    And for amusement
    For The Federal District Court
    For the Indian Territory of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas
    Year of Our Lord 1882

    United States of America vs. Jose M. Gonzales


    Jose Miguel Xavier Gonzales, in a few months it will be spring, the snow of winter will flee away, the ice will vanish, and the air will become soft and balmy. In short, Jose Miguel Xavier Gonzales, the annual miracle of the year's awakening will come to pass, but you won't be here. The rivulet will run its purling course to the sea, the timid desert flowers will put forth their tender shoots, the glorious valleys of this imperial domain will blossom as the rose, still you won't be here. From every treetop some wildwood songster will carol his mating song, butterflies will sport in the sunshine, the busy bee will hum happily as it pursues its accustomed vocation, the gentle breezes will tease the tassels of the wild grasses, and all nature, Jose Miguel Xavier Gonzales, will be glad, but you won't be here to enjoy it; for I command the sheriff or some other officer or officers of this county to lead you out to some remote spot, swing you up by the neck to the nodding bough of some sturdy oak, and there let you hang till you are dead, dead, dead. An then, Jose Miguel Xavier Gonzales, I command further that such officer or officers retire quietly from your swinging, dangling corpse, that the vultures may descend from the heavens upon your filthy body and pick the putrid flesh therefrom till nothing remain but the bare bleached bones of a cold-blooded, copper-colored, blood-thirsty, chili-eating, guilty, sheep-herding son-of-a-bitch.
    Isaac Parker
    District Jud
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    I used to be an ardent supporter of the death penalty. As I learn more and more about prosecutorial misconduct, I am not as enthusiastic about it.
    I absolutely and fully support the death penalty. BUT--that presumes the environment of a functional justice system.

    Lawdog...kudos for being one of the good guys. Hang in there, brother, I'm positive you're making a difference. For the right people, it means the whole world.
    "Do I not hate those who hate you, O Lord, and abhor those who rise up against you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LawDog View Post
    None at all, I'm afraid. She'll never even get an apology.
    I may never get an apology but I got my freedom, which is way better! Thank you LawDog and the rest of the team for all the long hours and hard work, I appreciate you more than y’all could ever know. Thanks everyone for all the support and prayers, the justice system may have fail, but God had my back! :)

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