I would like to thank the land owners for allow us to use their land for this outstanding class. I would also like to thank Randy Harris for patiently teaching us some outstanding real world skills.

This was the first formal class I have ever taken geared forward gunfighting. I had taken the NRA basic and Intro the IDPA classes and shot several IDPA and 3 Gun competitions, but even with my limited knowledge I could see I needed more skills to deal with real situations. The Close Range Gunfighting certainly met and exceeded my expectations. I had read Randy’s PEST EAT FAST article before the class and thought I understood it. However after hearing Randy talk about it in person; I have a much deeper and better understanding of this concept and am able to better apply PEST EAT FAST in my day to day life.

I’ve always been a terrible shot with a pistol. While I’m standing still with two hands, I suck less than when shooting on the move. Shooting weak hand on the move (even slowly); it was pure luck if I came close to hitting my intended target. After listening to Randy and applying his techniques, by the end of the second day I was able to get good hits on multiple targets while exploding off the X in any direction with either hand. To me, this was just plain “witchcraft”.

Randy’s teaching style made me feel at ease to ask questions and learn what was being covered in the class. Even with the raining cold weather and the “Mud Nationals” to get to the range, Randy was calm and cool.

There were 13 people in our class with skills/experience levels ranging from similar to mine to experienced. Everyone conducted themselves in a safe manner and all were friendly.

It seemed the more I learned the more areas I saw I needed to improve. With the drills Randy showed us and coached us through, I’m very confident with some time and work I’ll be more proficient in these areas.

As I said in front of everyone at the end of the class, I thought this class was excellent. There was nothing I didn’t enjoy and I highly recommend this class. I look forward to training with Randy again soon.