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    Default A Review of Combat Pistol Marksmanship with Randy Harris 11.17.12

    I took this course on 11/17/12 and it is my second SI course with Randy Harris.
    You can check out the SI website for all the details and syllabus; I'll *try* to give an unbiased opinion on the day.

    There are many top tier organizations out there; so is SI the "best"?

    I don't know, but I do like and trust MY instructor Randy Harris. While Randy is a trained professional, he is NOT a Facebook/Mall Ninja nor does he have that elitist attitude. He is definitely the king of the analogy, which is pretty effective with his training style. It is my opinion the Randy approaches training scenarios with the mind-set, "this works, works well, but how can I / we continually improve to get better.

    The course itself is geared towards the lower skill level shooter, but I still found it valuable. For me, a refresher on proper grip, alignment and sight picture had an immediate impact on my accuracy; I shoot a lot and slightly above average.

    The nice thing about CPM is it picks up where your HCP Instructor / class left off. It takes you from the traditional static / lane training to something more dynamic. We did get spend time discussing PESTS EAT FAST. I view it as steps to AVOID getting into a gun fight. We learned how to identify potential threats and how to use that awareness so maybe you don't have to draw your weapon.

    Dymanic vs. static. SI teaches "explode off the X" meaning, move - change your address - do something the BG doesn't expect. We do NOT shoot and move in CPM, that is covered in CRG. In this example, I describe static as traditional gun range / lane shooting. Stand in one place, set your perfect stance and sight picture and punch holes in paper. In CPM, we do static shooting, but add some dynamics. Randy will set live-fire scenario, covers safety, we then identify the threat, draw, move to the left or right, then shoot.

    Personnel: we had 5 students, 4 male, 1 female. Backgrounds were as varied as a box of crayons and no loud-mouthed, know-it-all, camoflauged tactical nutjobs. Great bunch of people to spend the day with, as was my experience with my CRG class.

    Equipment: wear comfortable clothing, no one expects you to be a 5.11 Tactical model. Have a GREAT belt and your preferred carry holster. Bring more ammo than recommended. As long as everyone is efficient reloading, you get to shoot a bunch. Handguns represented were Glock, Beretta, CZ and a Ruger SP101. I recommend bring more than one gun in case your primary lays down on you. If you bring more than one handgun or holster it also allows you to use the course as an equipment test bed.

    My biggest take-away: in a gunfight with 2 or more BGs, you are woefully undergunned with a 5 shot revolver. The trigger bar spring broke in my CZ, , so I broke out my SP. I had 3 speed loaders and 2 speed strips. The term "speed" is relative. As Randy said to the class, "A.J. is going to party like it's 1899."

    Do Different? Nothing other than location...great locale, free, safe...but it is a farm and cow pies are part of it.

    Can't wait to host the next SI course in Knoxville! Plans are prior to June or after October - simply too hot.

    We are discussing either 2 1-day courses or another 2-day course

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    Thanks for the review Gotthegoods. I have a few pics from class I will put up in the next few days. I'll be getting with you about scheduling something for Knoxville for maybe April or May.
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