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    - the 12.5" Grendel project DogDoc and I recently completed (mine is an SBR) is only 1" longer than the FS2000, with the stock in a neutral position, and can be up to 2" shorter than the FS for vehicle operations. It also hits harder at any distance, is more accurate and bucks the wind better, more ergonomic, and weighs 1-2 lb less depending on equipment. Did I mention trigger quality? Of course most of these details could apply to a 5.56 or 300 Blk as well but the ballistic part is specific to comparison against a 16" 5.56.
    Do you have some side by side pics?

    The biggest reason why I keep a bull pump in my armory is the one handed operation while moving dynamically. It's like pistol with the center of gravity being so far back.
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    I don't, sorry. I'd think somebody online has pics of an FS2000 next to a short barreled AR of some sort though.

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    Some where on here a while ago I posted a pic of my buddies AR SBR next to an F2000, yes F2000, and they are basically the same length.
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    After I put my SBR together I took a pick of it and my FS2000. I'll try and dig it up.

    One thing I don't have to worry about with my FS2000 vs my SBR is crossing state lines.
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