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    I have a gen 4 glock 32 and love it it shoots one hole all day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triumph Rider View Post
    ...I know that the .357 SIG is not a magnum load, I guess I'm a little sentimental about the caliber.
    Well, 9mm equals .357". They are essentially the same diameter rounds anyways. The .357 SIG simply gives you more powder. I think the only advantage​ is it's flatter trajectory over longer ranges.
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    What is the tribe's knowledge on Gen3 vs Gen4 in .357 Sig?

    Gen3 Glock 23 and 22's had issues with the slides and certain frame components being battered to breakage if the original-design RSA's were not swapped out every 2000-3000 rounds or so. (I had a Gen3 23 shear off a left rear frame rail, and after Glock replaced the frame the left rear of the slide blew out.) They also had issues if you mounted lights on them and weren't using just the right combo of magazine, mag spring, and follower.

    Supposedly the changes made to the Gen4 .40 cal guns, specifically the RSA, fixed the issues, but Glock told me they now recommend changing the RSA every 3000-4000 rounds.

    SOOO... my concern, if it was going to be a high-round count gun; Are there any known isssues of the higher-pressure .357 Sig round causing problems /beating up the Gen3 guns like the .40 sometimes did? (Gen3's essentially being rebarreled 19's.).

    If there are no real issues with the the Gen3, then it would seem to me to go with whichever fits the hand better and can be obtained for fewer semolians. The Gen3 triggers always felt better as well, especially after a bit of tweaking. (Cleaner, crisper break without the Gen4 "moment of mush.")

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