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Thread: 300 BLK build

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    Sir...your description is ABSOLUTELY USELESS WITHOUT PICTURES...sounds like a sweet setup...

    Quote Originally Posted by abinok View Post
    Ive got a 300blk upper assembled by loki weapon systems. Its got a 8" barrel, and a 15" carbonfiber freefloat tube from ap customs. With a yhm QD flashhider, and a yhm 762 titanium supressor un place, the end of the supressor pokes out the front about a inch and a half.

    Without the supressor, the upper is comicaly light. With it, it weighs the same as a 16" carbine upper.

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    Don't get me wrong the Honey Badger is a beauty, but then again beautiful doesn't last if your going to beat it up anyway!

    Here's my point that I was trying to make when stating "go for function".
    I don't really run any of my guns with my arm stretched far out (forward hold if you will), I tend to keep my hand back on the HG if not holding the magzine well (hence why I don't really use VFGs and AFGs). This may be the biggest difference in our choice of design.

    If your goal is to run this thing quiet and you don't intend to run to many supersonics through it, then by all means grab a 6.5" barrel and the shortest suppressor you can possibly find. Again, any forearm that goes past the muzzle is going to get hot fast, in short makeing your forearm unusable (kinda defeats the point).

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    My primary motivation for the long handgaurd was having the ability to mount lights and such in a position allowing activation with my thumb and a tailswitch, without getting all cramped up. I'm pretty tall, and I find that I run out of room on a short tube. With the space already established by the supressor, I'm only adding an extra ounce with the carbon fiber tube to cover it up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OrgnlSinr View Post
    I am also trying to figure out how to remove the can with the release sitting under the hand guard. Any ideas?
    I would go with the AAC Cyclone. It's a thread on so you wouldn't have to worry about this.
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