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    The GnS is not a general purpose knife. It's designed for a very specific purpose. It is, however, something you can carry every day.

    The TSD Bowie is more general purpose (though its still designed primarily as a fighting knife). Its probably too big for EDC but it would be at home on a battle belt. It's rougly the same size as my Ka-Bar replica that a great many Marines carried on their belts in the Pacific in WWII.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigfan22 View Post
    I have a design that I want dale fricke to make for me. Who makes the southern comfort?
    What are people using for the frogs on these southern comfort style sheaths? I want to just attach one to a piece of kydex and screw it on the sheath that came with the bowie.

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    I'd go with the bowie. Many small to midsize knives can be rigged for inverted edge use. NONE of those will be a bowie knife.

    The FROG is a peice of leather/canvas that incorperates a belt loop, it is typically connected to thesheath using the Stud on the sheath. SC sheaths come complete with a stud, IIRC. Mike would not do you like that.

    Mike Sastre is the man behind the SC at River city Sheaths.

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