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01-06-2004, 03:01 PM
All this talk about training and shooting ten thousand plus rounds a year really got me thinking. I love to shoot, but I don't reload, yet, and 10k worth of .45acp is over $2000. The best option I could think of was a .22lr conversion unit. Of course, I've been thinking about a CU for the longest time; every time I thought I was serious and gonna make a purchase, I would hear/read a bad review or something would come up closer to home that required money (dang cars just won't stay fixed!!)

Well, I got a bug up my butt this morning (day's off are really bad as it makes shopping a whole lot easier!) and started dialing. When this odyssey began, I researched all of the different makers and listened to the thoughts of owners. Ceiner was ruled out simply because I can't stand a braggart or bad manners. Though folks speak well of the product, their thoughts on customer service were less complimentary.

My next step was to drop an email to Wilson Combat after watching that horrid video (you know, the one with the pretty-boy narrator). Their logical discussion on why you should have a CU was very convincing, really nothing more than I had figured already, and the product looked excellent; I was especially interested after learning that their magazines were machined from a solid billet of aluminum. Unfortunately, their response to my email was anything but thorough. Three separate emails and they never answered the simple question: whether or not their CU would fit on a Series 80? I just never got the impression that they wanted my business.

Lastly, I looked at the website of Marvel Precision. The understated confidence illustrated on the site was very pleasing. The CU's looked well-made and the company seemed to have no doubts about the quality of their gear or what it is capable of.

While the holidays are behind us and the bills are caught up, I was still hesitant to make a big purchase like this. It's not that I'm a scrooge, just that when I get started buying gunstuff, it's hard to stop.

Anyhow, I dialed their number with a shaky finger....and was greeted by the most pleasant voice of a beautiful young lady. She was very helpful, answering my questions without hesitation (showing that she new the products and wasn't just some hired phone handler), and really made the whole experience pleasurable.

To top it off, she agreed to marry me. We got to talking about the weather when she learned I was in SC (they're in Nebraska) and the next thing you know, she's talking about the racetracks down here and all the other fun stuff we have. She likes football (a packers fan), racing and shooting! How could I not ask her to be my wife?

Long story short, I have the CU and two extra mags on the way. She said it would be about a month before they could get it out to me because of the backlog, but I wouldn't be sorry when I got it.

Also mentioned that they had a Glock CU in the works. Should be ready in about a year.

The only downside is that she never introduced herself. Usually, you get a name right after they say the company name, but she never did. I kinda like the mystery, though. I only hope that she doesn't back out of the wedding.

01-07-2004, 06:14 AM

Thanks for this post, as I have been contemplating the same type of purchase. I think it will be great tool for my kids too, i addition to the economics issue. If you have the Marvel web address handy, could you post it?

It was encouraging to hear your email exchange with Wilson was very similar to previous attempts by me to concact that company. I just thought they didn't like me. Funny how they pride themselves on the customer service, and are slow to answer emails, simply don't answer emails, or don't give a complete answer.

Regarding the marriage proposal, I think you may have found the secret to a long and happy marriage.

I mean, you don't know her name, and she lives in a distant state. Plus she knows guns. Hard to expect more from a wife.
It's good to have a plan.

Timber Wolf
01-07-2004, 02:17 PM
If you have the Marvel web address handy, could you post it?


I'm assuming (I know, I know) it's:
if not, VaughnT please notify and I'll remove, and please post correct URL.


Oh, and congrats on the pending marriage.

01-07-2004, 03:15 PM
TW, you got the addy down pat. Thanks for the help. :D

Steve, I'm glad to see someone else had trouble with WC. From what I hear, Wilson, himself, is quite arrogant (a lot of jive from the IDPA crowd), but I would have thought he'd like my money.

For what it's worth, I doubt either of us will be dissatisfied with the Marvel unit. That sweeeet young lady was very knowledgable, actually assembling magazines while we talked, and that sort of thing gives me a strong feeling of confidence. Though she was quick to state that their Unit 2's are "only" garaunteed to shoot .5"-1.0" freehand groups at 25yd. I guess I'll have to lower my standards. :rolleyes:

As for the wedding, I'm looking forward to setting a date. We'll be having a short IDPA match before the ceremony....top gun winning the rights to second dance with the bride. It goes without saying that you are all invited.

01-17-2004, 09:49 PM
I like my Marvel. Wish the mags weren't so expensive. Get the bumper pads.

Might want to order a replacement recoil spring just to have on hand. Disassembling it to get to the breech is fiddly but of course you never want to stick anything down the muzzle of such an accurate barrel.

You shouldn't need to use a bronze brush, either. I swab the grime then soak the barrel in 1/2 Hoppes and 1/2 Kroil and swab again.