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09-25-2005, 01:34 PM
This could be the opportunity you have been looking for but please read through the qualifications and understand these are not suggestions before you make that call.

Bullet Hole Shooting Range in San Antonio Texas(around 1604 and Highway 90) is looking for a full time employee. Bullet Hole understands that many of the gun shops and gun ranges of America have a reputation among people for lack of customer service and a friendly attitude. Someone considering employment at the Bullet Hole must know and practice every day, every time our unyielding philosophy and commitment to the customer, who is our most valuable asset. We are honored that our customers have chosen to do business with us and as an employee of the Bullet Hole you must be able to incorporate this truth in how you conduct yourself.

The Bullet Hole has recently undergone a radical transformation and continues to do so. It is truly a dynamic range with features to suit and handle almost all the needs of the shooting enthusiast. With The only 300 yard rifle range in San Antonio, Pistol Range, Special Events Range, Carbine Range, Hogans Alley Range, Bianchi Plate Range, CHL range and dedicated IDPA/IPSC ranges (Yes these are all seperate bays. As well as a Shoot House under construction for indoors and MOUT style training. All Bays are or will soon have cover for the shooters or spectators. (The dinky office building is now dinky squared as it has been expanded)

The Bullet Hole is also a full line gun dealer to include Class III weapons. Both sales and rentals.

As an Employee of the Bullet Hole you will be working with a wonderful group of people in a friendly environment.

A relaxed but professional appearance.

You must be 21.

Have a clean criminal record.

Be able to lift heavy loads and work outdoors.

Have a good knowledge of Firearms.

Be people friendly and be able to always respect the customer.

Have enough sense to know this is an environment that requires constant attention to safety and have the ability to treat a customer with respect when a correction needs to be made.

Have the ability to deal with our valued customers in an honest and fair manner. Leave your ego at home and bring your knowledge....if you know the difference between those two, you might be the right person for the job.

Now for what you will do....

This is a 40 hour a week Monday through Friday Job.

You will be responsible for:

The manning of the office, To include: Answering the Phone, Stocking product, Checking in customers, Firearms sales and any other needs a customer may have.

The Bullet Hole holds many shoots each week. You will, on occasion run these shoots.

You will, on occasion act in the capacity of Range Master.

And (For some "YEEE HAAA") you will, on occasion be the person who surpervises/instructs the rental customers, this includes a great selection of Class III weapons.

To deal with those customers who are creating a safety hazard or are violating the rules. Even these customers will be treated with respect but sometimes an authorative position must be assumed.

All in all, it is a blast, You get your run of a great gun range. You get to drive the Kawi Mule all over the place. You get to shoot Machine Guns and you get to spend your days with some great people just like you who have a passion for shooting. If you can run a Bobcat and a Backhoe, you might get to do that as well.

Of course the question "HOW MUCH" well....not much but it isnt minimum and with your proven track record as a member of the Bullet Hole team, it will be recognized (Read, you stick around and do a good job, we will pay you more).

If this interests you and you are a good match, Call Michele at the Bullet Hole Wednesday through Sunday from @ Noon to 8ish. 210-679-6781

steve b
09-27-2005, 08:33 AM
While I'm not qualified for this job, gotta say it sounds like as much fun as you can have with your clothes on ! steve

09-27-2005, 08:37 AM
It definately sounds more fun than programming a PBX...

09-27-2005, 01:41 PM
It is fun, it seriously is. Like any fun Job, the glamour wears off a bit and it has its slow moments but it is a great way to spend your days if you have to spend them someway.

09-27-2005, 10:45 PM
I am qualifiied and if I lived in San Antonio I would take the job.

09-30-2005, 02:34 PM
Just wanted to clarify a few things and change the parameters a bit based on some common questions we have been getting.

You dont have to have any prior experience. Although, it would be helpful, if you have a good head on your shoulders and a good eye for safety, it wont take you long to learn. You do not have to have any instructor ratings or credentials. Sound firearms knowledge and a people friendly attitude is a good start.

Also, because of the nature of the response, This Job may get split into two or three part time positions. If doing this on a part time basis would interest you and this would include Weekends now, please call(Today would be a great day to do so, up until 8PM)

10-20-2005, 02:16 PM
Alright folks, this worked (hurray for the internet!!! ) Ended up with 5 new employees out of the deal and have had to let one go already. So we still have a part time position open for anyone who is interested.

If you would like part time employment at a shooting range please call The Bullet Hole up.

Thanks so much again to this Website for allowing this thread so we could have a win/win for all parties involved.