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12-29-2003, 02:13 PM
Gentlemen, (and any ladies present)
NewMexico seems to be on the cusp of finally allowing concealed carry. I haven't decided if I want to pay the exorbinant fee and allow the State to rifle through my medical history, but have begun looking at concealed carry options. My current mongrel collection of handguns consists of mainly full sized service pistols and N frame revolvers. I own one J frame .38 with a 3" barrel and may use this, but as adding weapons to the carry permit is very expensive I've been thinking about the one gun fits all. My criteria seem to have driven me in much the same direction that the West German Police decided in the 70's. ---
Single column magazine
Compact profile
Relatively light weight
Consistant trigger pull
High gripframe index

This looks alot like the Kahr pistols to me, however, I have no experience with these and know no one who does either. Does anyone here have experience, good or bad with the Kahrs. Also any thoughts on plastic vs. steel, .40 vs 9mm etc would be appreciated.
Currently I lean towards the Plastic "full size" in 9mm

Thanks in advance
NM Eric

Dave in PA
12-29-2003, 02:59 PM
The only experience I have is with my Kahr P9. It is very slim and lightweight, two important criteria for carrying IWB, which would likely seem the carry mode of choice in your hot area.

My P9 is very accurate for it's size, has a smooth trigger pull and carries easily. It has fed many different hollowpoints with no problems, including +P's. After saying all that, I am selling mine. Why? After shooting it during some drills at the range, I have finally come to the conslusion that it is just too small for my hand. When I try to draw and fire quickly, I seem to need to shift it in my hand to get a proper grip. When I do the same with my S&W 3913 it just seems so much easier to grab and get on target.

I guess what I'm saying is; try one for yourself to make sure it is right for you. The gun is of good quality, but make sure you can shoot it well.


12-29-2003, 04:03 PM
I have a Kahr Mk9 that I carry frequently.
After some initial teething problems (fixed by Kahr at no cost to me) it has been 100%.
If you are anywhere around SE NM email me and you can try it out.
I'm a NM CCW instructor as well.

12-29-2003, 06:19 PM
I have a Kahr Mk9 that I carry frequently.
After some initial teething problems (fixed by Kahr at no cost to me) it has been 100%.
If you are anywhere around SE NM email me and you can try it out.
I'm a NM CCW instructor as well.

Dave, Jody Thanks for the replies. Jody I may have to take you up on the offer. I occasionally get down to LC, but rarely over towards Hobbs, Roswell et al (too afraid of little green men)
NM Eric

John Silver
12-30-2003, 06:59 AM
The Kahr is a well made pistol. I always thought the plastic framed ones offered a lot in terms of easy carry.

However, I could never get used to the trigger. While it functions much like a Glock, it doesn't feel like a Glock. The other thing is that it releases very far back. Between that, the small grip frame, and my large hands, I was really scrunching up my hand to make it go "bang." Not good for optimal trigger control.

If you are carrying on your belt (which you would with a Kahr), I've found that a full sized pistol is just as easy to hide as the mid-size and small ones. This is with-in reason. A Glock 17/22 or 5" 1911 are easy. I wouldn't want to try hiding an HK SOCOM under an untucked polo shirt.

I've found the best thing is to break down and admit you just need to regular carry guns - a full sized for "real" work, and a tiny one for pocket/ankle/hide away carry. I like a 2" Airweight J-frame and a Browning P-35/Glock 35.

12-30-2003, 10:00 AM
I now have 3 Kahr's and find that they are an excellent pistol for CCW, a bit fussy for the 1st 300 or so rounds but once broke in the have run with out any hang ups, for me the PM9 is the best pocket pistol going sense the Colt pony, Its weight and size balance out for me,I stoke it with +P 124's and never worry about it. its back up is the newer Ful size/Tactical in 40cal loaded with the samr round I carry on duty Gold Dots 165's, spare mag's are carried on the belt laying flat along the waist, 40 just above the watch pocket and the 9mm just above the back pocket,,,,They are good choices but make sure you read the lit for it and break it in as stated

12-31-2003, 03:45 PM
I've carried an MK9 for a couple years. It is a very capable, very small gun. The are also well fitted and have a bank vault/swiss watch quality to the action that inspires confidence.

Kahr, IMHO, makes some of the nicest CCW guns on the market right now. As noted above, and in the Kahr manual BTW, the do requre a break in. I think Kahr recommends 200 rounds. I took 400 to the range the first day I got the gun and put it all down range at one sitting. Had a couple failures in the first 100. No further failures till the recoil spring had a couple thousand rounds on it and got too week.

It seems that when most shooters pick a hide out gun they expect to give up a lot of shootability. Bad sights, puny cartridge, poor accuracy, gritty trigger, and all that. The Kahr breaks all those rules.

12-31-2003, 05:18 PM
I had an early MK9. Send back to Kahr for some polishing, etc. It then fed fine, but it was not gun for me. When I was not careful about keeping thumb locked down I would engage slide stop lever while firing and lock action open. Never got a holster for it, but tried quick grabs from bench and this is when I got a lot of thumb hitting slide release problems. I have a medium sized hand and suspect this problem could be worse for someone with large hand. I believe I heard that Kahr did some modifications to slide stop release since my early model. Anyhow, something to check out. But machining on my model was excellent and gun was surprisingly accurate for small piece. In any case I traded off and my general gun of choice for carry is mini glock- another small gun that is capable of giving close to full size gun performance.

12-31-2003, 05:31 PM
You might also want to consider the Sig Sauer P239. It is an excellent gun with a single column magazine and is small enough for good concealed carry. It also comes in 9mm, .40 or .357 Sig. An excellent all around weapon.

01-01-2004, 07:07 AM
bill, you bring up a good point,I tend to foreget when posting about firearms, that I'm left handed, on the Kahrs that I have seen carried by the pros down here, the slide catch lever has been radiused to smooth it out

David, what I wouldn't give for a P-5 IMO it is underrated as a CCW weapon.

01-02-2004, 02:59 AM
used to carry a glock 32 and 33, still do some, but my main EDC now is a P9 or PM9, loaded w/147gr ranger SXT ammo, very reliable, accurate, light, easy to carry, thin, hard to beat imho for EDC.

i have a glock 32,33, SIG P225 9MM/220 .45ACP/P239 9MM, and a barreta 92 9MM, and imho the kahr is the best of the lot for EDC

the PM9 i have was a little fussy first 100 rounds or so, but the P9 has never jammed yet (1500 rounds, mostly winchester ball and ranger, but some gold dot 147 and 124+p, and some golden sabre too.

imho the polymer kahrs (the alloy frames are too heavy imho) are the A#1 EDC firearms around, really work well for me FWIW


Brass Balls
01-02-2004, 10:07 AM
adding weapons to the carry permit is very expensive I've been thinking about the one gun fits all.

That's good news about your state's impending CCW legislation.

A few thoughts occured to me while reading your post. First I'll say that I own two Kahrs, a MK40 and a PM9, they have both been reliable, great little guns however I see them as a niche gun rather than a primary carry.

A small gun like the Kahrs is useful for me when I'm not able to wear a traditional cover garment like an untucked shirt, vest or jacket. The Kahrs, especially the PM9 allows me to carry in my pocket or on my ankle.

If I'm going to wear a cover garment it's easy to effectively conceal a larger handgun and I really prefer to carry a larger gun. By making some simple clothing adjustments I found that it is easy to dress to conceal a medium to large framed gun.

In most parts of CA we are restricted to 3 guns on a carry permit. Like NM it's a PITA to change this rotation so it requires some thought before locking in a selection. I had two Glock 30s and the MK40 on my permit but I recently switched to a Kimber Custom & Compact CDP (http://www.kimberamerica.com/cdp.php) and the PM9 (small, medium & large). The Kimbers are both slim and their aluminum frames allow significant weight savings over a like sized gun with a steel frame. Of these three guns I carry one of the Kimbers about 98% of the time. From these choices you can probably see that I feel it is best to carry at least a medium sized gun as a primary every day gun.

While I'm glad to have the PM9 on my permit for those times when concealment is more of a challenge, the midsized to full size gun offers a few things over the micro Kahrs.

Greater accuracy especially at longer distances due to a better trigger and longer sight radius. Better grip and feel makes the gun more ergonomic and a more natural point shooting platform. Larger caliber and/or capacity. More comfortable to shoot during extended practice sessions.

01-05-2004, 09:06 PM
Thank you all for your cogent replies. DF has me thinking, as experienced concealed carriers how much harder is it to conceal say a Glock 36, 26, 27 than a very thin pistol like the Kahr? Most of my experience is with, and I shoot best Glock pistols. That coupled with the previous thread on simplifying things has got me thinking that one of them may be the way to go.

Thank you,
NM Eric