View Full Version : 46 years old, gun guy all my life....

10-14-2011, 09:20 PM
And it hit me...I have never owned a custom pistol. Sure, back in the 90's Bill Wilson put some sights on my 1911. Bill Lauthridge at Cylinder and Slide slicked up a trigger on another, about the same time frame. And Milt Morrison smoothed out a J frame Smith and Wesson for me...but take it all around, I have shot stock. Well, my TSD Upper for a Glock 19 just came in. I finally have a custom pistol...it has been worth the wait. I have seen the error in my ways...it should be about quality. I have not put a fine number on it, but a man should own 20 or fewer firearms. (not counting family guns) I have way more than that, and am going to trim down...be honest boys, how many guns do you have in the safe you have not fired in ages? Sell some guns, buy a TSD Upper and then decide what you really, really need.

10-14-2011, 09:32 PM
I will start the list: Glock RMR from TSD. It is the future and you need to embrace it. If you disagree, get that weird beard going and join a Amish settlement. A Colt 1911 five inch. Gold Cup? Maybe, and it will do. But any full size with good sights will do. Add a Marvel 22 conversion and you are way ahead. A K frame Smith and Wesson .357 or .38 Special with a four inch barrel. Best all around in my opinion. I prefer the round butt. A Ruger Standard Model 22...pick your version. I don't care how tough or rich you are, there is always a place for this handgun. A K Frame 22 handgun...6 or 4 inch BBL. Either on will drop jaws and make you a hero at the range. They are crazy accurate and SO fun to shoot. And now, the list is getting really short...you tell me. Pocket gun? Does a guy really need a Ruger .380 or a Baby Browning? Tell me what you think.