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08-22-2011, 04:24 PM
I have a question for the individual who does the Trijicon RMR gunsmithing for One Source Tactical.

First I have a problem! I am nearly 51 years old and am having troubles seeing my front sight (I can still qualify but have to use weak reading glasses). I have contemplated going the Glock/RMR route- But I have been carrying and shooting 1911's for the last 30 years and don't want to change (all that muscle memory). I would like to continue using the 1911 weapon system.

I have been researching mounting a red dot on a 1911 low enough to co-witness with iron sights. I have contemplated using another gunsmith who can mill a 1911 slide and mount a Delta Point low enough for an iron sight co-witness - but I would rather use a Trijicon RMR - which as you know complicates things.

While doing my research I came across a post in Warrior Talk News (IT IS 2011 NOT 1911) which contained photos of a 1911 with a RMR mounted on its slide apparently using some sort of adapter plate. The slide also had co-witnessing iron sights,the rear being a extra tall Glock Suppressor Sight. This setup looks like just what I need.

I have much experience building and making 1911's run - but my technical skill and/gunsmithing ability is not up to what it would take to mill a 1911 slide and mount an RMR on a 1911.

The question, If I ordered and provided a Caspian 5 inch Stainless Steel Slide with no rear sight cut can a RMR be mounted on it on it with the same type of adapter plate as in the pictures? Would it then be possible to mill out a Glock Dovetail Slot for the rear sight behind the RMR?

It would take several weeks to get the slide as I would have Caspian fit it to a 1911 receiver that I already posses.

Please let me know your thoughts and the approximate cost - if all is good I will contact Gary at Caspian and get the ball rolling.

Thanks for your time.


Gabriel Suarez
08-22-2011, 05:46 PM

"I have a question for the individual who does the Trijicon RMR gunsmithing for One Source Tactical."

We have no individuals doing gunsmithing for One Source Tactical. We have technicians assembling products for TSD Combat Systems. A matter of semantics perhaps but we don't want to confuse anyone.

The RMR on the 1911 is quite doable, but it is all a matter of timing. One is how many technicians are busy at a given time and how many RMRs we have available. This thing has taken off and my backorder of RMRs is in the six figures with Trijicon. I did get your email and one of our customer reps will contact you this week.