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08-11-2011, 04:06 AM
I have a RM02 8moa, but find that the dot blooms a bit much for due to my aging eyes/ astigmatism. I also run an Aimpoint H1 on a carbine and find the adjustable brightness helpful to reduce the blooming and achieve a more precise dot.

I am therefore interested in the 6.5moa adjustable RMR, but DocGKR's experiences with uncontrolled changes in dot intensity concern me.

While I expect that using my Seraphim will reduce this risk when holstered, overhand manipulations do put your hand on on the brightness controls, which could result in similar issues.

I understand Gabe and others are now running the adjustable RMR, and would appreciate feedback on its performance in long term daily carry and under hard use.


Gabriel Suarez
08-11-2011, 05:04 AM
Well...I am not sure what the Doc has experienced, but running two brightness adjustables on my carry weapons now for a few months I like them better than the RM02 non-adjustables. I am running them in Seraphim holsters and Blade Tech WRS tactical holsters. The dot does not change for me in carry, nor in usage. The pressure to change dot intensity is a robust pressure on one side or the other and I simply do not see that happening in a well designed holster or in general handling unless it is intended by the user.

We did have one customer that called no less than three times because that was happenning....the dot was changing. After some discussion on what he was doing we realized that he was usung a Serpa holster that he had modified somehow to increase retention. As soon as he ditched the poorly designed holster, he had no issue with the RM07. AFAIAC - I have switched from the RM02 standard RMR to the brightness adjustable RM07 now on my EDC weapons.

Incidentally, Blade-Tech will be bringing out a CCW holster patterned after our Seraphim design very soon. If you are going to carry one of these RMR Glocks you really do need to put it in a proper holster. Don't embarrass us by putting that fine Katana in a Fobus or a Serpa.

If that is not enough to convince you, the 3.5 MOA RMR might be a better answer to your eyes. Put your Aimpoint on a medium setting (it is 4 MOA right?) and see. That should approximate the dot on a 3.5 MOA RMR.

08-11-2011, 05:54 PM

Thanks for the quick and detailed reply. It is great to hear the adjustables have proven trustworthy.

I had not considered the 3.5 MOA RMR due to dot acquisition speed on a pistol, but your recommendation and SinistralRifleman's performance with a TSD modifed G34 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhTtn1nf8E0 make it a very compelling option.

On holsters, I applaud the Seraphim. It fits the Katana perfectly, conceals remarkably well and carries comfortably. I look forward to seeing the Bladetech offerings.