View Full Version : Handgun training in Utah??

09-30-2003, 01:17 AM
Looking for some real world handgun training, in or near Utah. I'm on a limited budget and need a good fundamentals class (civilian CCW oriented). I have been looking around but there is a place called "The FARM" near Lehi Utah with classes offered by FARM Police Supply (http://www.farmpolicesupply.com) in Salt Lake ... starting at $85 dollars for the CCW certification/informed self defense course, and moving to a $170 tactical pistol class. I already have my CCW, so that portion seems it might be wasted on me, but I'm shure some of the fundamentals would be worth it. Anyone ever hear of these guys? Train there? I know some utah police are using the FARM for training.

Also considering Front Site in Nevada...but seems like a lot of guys dont consider it a "real" course (though I'm sure their 2 day pistol class would help me), and without much legal discussion.

Gabe, do you ever offer courses in the Salt Lake City area? Also like to say thanks for starting this fourm... Looks like a great start!


Gabriel Suarez
09-30-2003, 06:03 AM

I was discussing a class in Utah not long ago with a student, but it never developed. With as many good people up in that part of the world, I'm certain a class would work well.

I'll tell you what - if you find a place and help us set it up, we'll comp your training slot in the class.

As far as front sight I'll say the following:

1). They are very contravesrial for a number of reasons we don't want to get into here.
2). They have told their instructors that if they teach for Suarez International (or anyone else), they will be fired from front sight (and their horses will be looking for new riders). In spite of that ;) I still send beginners their way.
3). They like to sue people.
4). There's a big sales pitch at the end (according to others who've been there recently).


5). The training is great FOR BASICS. I had a large hand in designing and writing the curriculum used way back in 1996. For basics, its one of the best deals going. Don't fall into the line of thinking that they have all the answers to life's tactical problems. Learn the basics there, and that's it.
6). You can't beat the price IF you manage to get one of their training tickets. (there are folks at http://www.polite-society.org that may have one or two for sale). This equates to two or four days of training for a couple of hundred bucks.

So go there and train up cheap. Then see about getting a range for Suarez International in Utah and we're there!