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08-05-2011, 07:48 PM
I have been trying different loads and such with my TSD G-17,and also recently added a set of suppressor sights to my regular carry 17 for carry cominality(sic). I noticed that with 124 and even 115gr bullets that the guns shoot low at varying distances. With 124's im about 2-3 inches low at 15 yds. I went out today with an assortment of 147 grainers and they now shoot dead on. I had 1 group out of each gun go slightly under 2" at 20 yds with 147 gr HST's. What have you guys and girls come up with?

08-05-2011, 10:24 PM
One thing that I have observed or perhaps felt is that the back of the suppressor sights that TSD supplied with my RMR conversion is sharp enough snag a little skin if one is not careful. It would have been better perhaps if the rear of the sight was partially cut as a ramp. I was thinking of cutting my in the waist band holster, but saw that the sight was snagging in it. Until I get a holster made for the RMR I purchased a cheap fabric range holster and cut that out for the RMR. The front sight snags a little bit. But for now I do not want to do any filing on it until I know more and try a proper holster that is designed for use with the RMR.

08-05-2011, 11:14 PM
Im currently running an AA for the carry and a bladetech for the tsd, and haven't had any trouble.

08-06-2011, 04:58 AM
I don't have a set of these sights, but I am not surprised with your results. Since the 147 grain loads are generally under 1000 fps they are sub sonic...I would think this is the load the combo was designed for. Same reason I use 158 grain loads in my .357 Smith and Wessons...I know the trend is towards lighter/faster bullets but the 158's shoot point of aim in my fixed sight guns because that is what they were regulated for.

Jerry Rosenberg
08-06-2011, 09:31 AM
Shooting low is so easy to fix. Just carefully file a couple thousandths off the front sight till the point of impact comes up to where you like it.

08-06-2011, 01:17 PM
Shooting low is so easy to fix. Just carefully file a couple thousandths off the front sight till the point of impact comes up to where you like it.
I know I can file them to suit the load but i would feel better knowing what the sights are already regulated for. I am curious from the rest of you that have the suppressor sight on your guns what loads and distances you are shooting, and if you have found one weight of bullet to work better than the other, this is my 3rd set of suppressor sight from one source and for me and my guns they have all shot somewhat low evertime with lighter bullets.

Mickey Rourke
08-06-2011, 01:46 PM
I can't say for sure about the suppressor sights, but lots of aftermarket sights come 'high' so they can be adjusted for the shooter/load.

I bought a set of fixed Yost Retro sights for one of my G19's and the front was very high. It required a good bit of milling to get it to POA/POI.

08-07-2011, 04:53 AM
Thanks for the replies , keep em coming please.

Mickey Rourke
08-07-2011, 05:06 AM
I might suggest that you PM markhousel, as he is the TSD machinist and he can probably tell you what the sights are regulated for.