View Full Version : Question about blade-tech holster and combination TSD / CCF alloy frames

Ioannis Mandalis
07-30-2011, 12:59 PM
I' m trying to find a way to purchase legally the TSD Combat system. That is not going to be easy in Greece. Nevertheless I would like to ask a couple of questions:

what's your opinion about the TSD blade-tech holster and it's mechanism? I use a safariland ALS thigh holster and I consider it as the best holster. It is very fast if you practice enough and more important, the possibility to open unintentionally is limited. I'm worried about the mechanism of the blade-tech. Is it as safe and reliable as safariland's? Has anyone tried to cut the top of a safariland holster to make space for the RMR? Does it work?
Have you ever combine the TSD Combat system with the CCF alloy frames? Could that combination be reliable for duty? ( I doubt, but...just in case...)
thank you in advance...