View Full Version : Sighted in My G31 RMR.

Jack Rumbaugh
07-18-2011, 03:55 AM
Had the opportunity to finally get the G31 sighted in. Dialed it in at 10 yards, confirmed at 25. I was using Federal Tactical 125 gr ammo, 1350 FPS. 8 MOA RMR.

Here are the results of a single shot on a whim on 4" steel lollipop at an estimated 30 yards.


The huge crater is mine.:grin:

Actually, the strike just to 7 o'clock from the crater is mine.

Shooting 1/2 size steel silhouettes at 50 yards was no problem. The nice thing about the .357 Sig is it is such a fast, flat shooting round. I like this set up. When I have time, i'm going to really see what it can do at distance.