View Full Version : Red dots and moving targets

06-10-2011, 03:54 PM
I've been working on a simple target motion system to add motion to our training scenarios. We took it up to the range today. I did not shoot much. The buddy I went with had a red dot gun, and iron sight gun, and did most of the moving target shooting alternating with an iron sight gun and red dot.

I was mostly testing and watching the shooter interact with the moving target. We place small air filled water ballons in the moving IDPA target at the target center of mass and target center of head.

Bottom line, hitting the target (ballons) is a bitch with iron sights. Red dot made it a LOT easier.

The shooter noted the obvious increased ease of using the red dot and I could see by shot count and where the shots were landing that the red dot made a huge difference.

Had no intention of this being a red dot test, but the difference was very obvious and I thought worth the post.