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Proxy Personnel
06-03-2011, 06:03 PM

The U.S. Army is procuring the services of trainers to manage the Mountain Athlete Warrior Funcitional Fitness Program at Fort Carson, Colorado
The MAW trainers will become an integral part of the fitness program that optimizes human physical performance and athletic conditioning for the MAW program
MAW trainers will provide as many MAW functional fitness certification clases as required to certify no fewer than 320 and no more than 340 trainees
Job Description

MAW trainers will be responsible for developing a comprehensive functional fitness training program to enhance operational fitness tailored to the individual/group mission in the same fashion as sport-specific training for professional athletes; including, but not limited to:

operational skills

obstacle negotiation
movement techniques

any and all tasks associated with an Infantry Brigade Combat Team

Training will include:

human performance evaluation / assessment
program design, implementation, and instruction of all trainees

Training will consist of the following:
Functional fitness programming theory and implementation. The trainees will be instructed on how to effectively develop and implement a functional fitness program at their respective unit.
Strength training. Trainees shall include strength training exercises.
Conditioning training. Training shall include general conditioning and endurance exercises.
Speed training. Training shall include exercises to improve speed of movement and speed of performance related to operational tasks.
Agility training. Training shall include exercises to improve agility and proprioception skills.
Flexibility training. Training shall include dynamic and static exercises to promote optimal flexibility.


MUST have, at a minimum, CrossFit Level I certification.
MUST have experience in working with elite-level operational forces (i.e. Rangers, Special Forces, SWAT, etc.)
MUST be willing to relocate to Fort Carson, Colorado

Commensurate with experience
Please apply with your salary requirements
Number of openings: 6
Contract Length: 9 months to 1 year
Anticipated Contract Start Date: July 1, 2011

Apply online: