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12-18-2003, 10:50 PM
Ok, this thread started on Glock talk, but I was curious what people here had to say about it. GT tends to end up in pissing contests, whereas here you get thought out responses without the crap. (side note, thank you Mr. Suarez :o)

What is your take on having a car gun?

I personally don't have a problem with having a gun in your car. It can be a nice option when carrying on you is difficult due to where you're going. What bothers me is when people leave a gun in their vehicle 24-7, or leave it unsecured in their vehicle.
My gun stays with me when I carry unless I have no other option,like say I'm going to the (1) courthouse, or (2) a school. In those cases (1 - it gets locked up inside, 2 - it doesn't come along at all) If for some strange reason, the gun has to stay in the vehicle, the ammo gets stashed, and a cable lock goes through my gun before the gun itself gets hidden.
A lot of people like to leave their gun in their glove boxes, armrest consoles, overhead visors or under their seats. I really do think that doing that is one of the worst forms of firearm negligence imaginable. Am I wrong in thinking so harshly?

Maybe I'm a bit biased, I work in a gunshop and sometimes have to do searches through our records for seriel #'s when guns get stolen. In the last 3 years, only 1 gun out of 30something that were stolen was not stolen out of a car. All of the others were left unsecured in vehicles. I always wonder how many of those stolen firearms were used to hurt an innocent person and how many of those people would be alive or unharmed today if somebody had just locked up their gun.

What do you guys think?

oh yeah, original thread on Glock Talk: http://www.glocktalk.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=206485

12-19-2003, 01:44 AM
the closest thing to a car gun i have is a trunk gun, usually a mini14 or a winchester '94 in 30-30, or sometimes a savage mod 99 in 300savage, maybe a mossberg 500 w/all the goodies, but if i carry a pistol, it leaves the car w/me, unless there is some reason it cant, then it goes into the trunk.

lotsa my buds in south tx carry rifles/shotguns in there cars trucks for utility use (on ranches/farms) a firearm in a rack ion a pickup is a common sight, and quite handy also.

for a dedicated pistol for the auto i would want a big bore revolver myself, like a 357mag or 41 or 44 mag, double action, like a S&W 586/629/etc, w/a 4"bbl or so, no longer than 6" bbl, loaded w/some stout loads, that would work well imho.or a .45acp 1911 would be good also.


Gabriel Suarez
12-19-2003, 06:32 AM
Much depends on where you live. I always have a pistol with me, but a suitable rifle also lives in every vehicle. I don't park in easy target places and always lock it. I live in AZ. If I lived in New York (Yeeechh - Fooey) I might not do that. In any case, its essential to keep it out of sight. Might the car be stolen? Sure, but your house may be broken into as well. Not something for everyone, but personally I like the car rifle concept.

Vig Creed
12-19-2003, 06:47 AM
Vehicle Security:

WalMart sells very sturdy key-lock handgun safes for about $35. I have one in each vehicle, secured with 3/8" cable and a BIG padlock. There are pre-drilled holes in the back wall of the safes allowing the cable to be attached. The cable is then wrapped around seat brackets at floor level, etc., before being padlocked in place.

It would take a thief with bolt-cutters to steal the safe quickly. On the other hand, using the safe key, I can access the handgun inside in +/- 10 seconds. This is my mode of vehicle handgun security when out of state, or when parking in questionable areas.

I have also secured rifles/shotguns in my vehicles using the same cables and padlocks that secure the safes. Just run the cable through the action and lock it to a seat bracket, etc.

In states where my CCW permit is valid, I carry on my person, plus usually have an 870 or Mini-14, plus extra ammo in the back seat. You never know when you might have to help a cop or civillian in trouble, or straighten out a gaggle of gangbangers :D!

Gang problems only happened once, and in religious, super-straight Utah of all places! As I was unlocking my semi-auto rifle and inserting a 30 rd mag, the Hell's Angels (10-12, on bikes, wearing colors) decided to go back to minding their own business. They were coming from the direction of the big Angels/Mongols gunfight in Laughlin NV at Harrahs, and apparently had already dodged enough lead that weekend.


John Silver
12-19-2003, 07:52 AM
When I worked in gun stores, we always had folks coming in to replace stolen guns. And, they had usually been stolen out of vehicles.

That being said, I like keeping a gun in the car. However, due to the risk of theft, make it one that you don't have a lot of value in - $$ or sentiment. Could someone get hurt with a gun stolen from my car? Sure they could. But, not having my gun stolen from my car isn't going to prevent that injury either. That's the line of thinking that the gun grabbers want us to have. Violence will occur, a few stolen guns more or less aren't going to affect anything.

I used to keep a beater 1911 in the glove box. I've sold that and will replace it with a beater Glock .40 of some type.

I've had need of it a few times. Once a friend and I stopped by an ATM before going out for drinks. Since we were going to a bar, I didn't have a carry gun on me. And, since I had a pistol in the car, I didn't need to worry about having a nice one under the seat waiting to get stolen. Another time, a punk/gang banger type decided to get aggressive when my girlfriend and I were on our way back from a nice dinner. It was summer and I was wearing slacks, so my carry gun for the night was a .380 on the ankle. It was nice to be able to tell her to get the .45 out of the glove box while I workd on out driving the little tyke (which I did.)

I've also used it as a loaner when picking up gun-savvy friends at the airport. Is there a better sign of generosity than being able to say, "Welcome to Phoenix. Your pistol is in the glove box."

12-19-2003, 08:56 AM
Is there a better sign of generosity than being able to say, "Welcome to Phoenix. Your pistol is in the glove box."

How about "Your AR-15 is in the trunk and when we get home there is cold beer in the fridge, help yourself.";)

Randy Harris
12-19-2003, 09:08 AM
I occasionally stick a long gun in the backseat of the vehicle. I dare say I'm probably one of VERY few here who took an M4(semi auto-14" M4 barrel w/ vortex flash supressor(16" overall), Surefire M500 forend, Trijicon reflex sight, giles sling stored in a Blackhawk discreet carry case) with him on his honeymoon! I generally always take an AR carbine when I go on vacation out of town.All the contiguous states to Tennessee that we go to accept the Tennessee Permit so I always have my pistols. However I'm a firm believer in long guns so I generally prefer to be a little better prepared.I was married on Saturday 9/8/01, and left for Florida the next morning. My wife asked if I really thought I would need the AR on our honeymoon and I told her" better to have and not need than need and not have". Two mornings later, Tuesday 9/11/01 I looked like a prophet! As we watched the Trade Center towers fall, and heard that Governor Bush had declared a state of emergency in Florida, I think the wife was somehow comforted that we had more than just 2 pistols along on the trip. Of course nothing happened, but for several hours there, things were a little tense, wondering what would happen next. I knew there was NOTHING we could do to help the folks in New York, but knew that if anything short of a plane hitting our hotel happened, we could definitely control our immediate area. It somewhat helped us to not worry, and enjoy our trip. Now anytime the wife asks if I really NEED to carry the AR on vacation,(like our anniversary trip to Disney World this past September) I just say remember our honeymoon? CRUEL HAND LUKE

12-19-2003, 12:40 PM
I certainly believe that there are some situations where only a rifle will do. And many situation were a long gun is superior to a handgun. I don't generally carry a long gun unless going to the range. However, I recently bought a SAR 1 in case things go to pot and I decide to carry a rifle in the car. Of course some States get up tight if you carry loaded magazines, but M1 Garand en bloc clips or stripper clips eg SKS are generally ok- so a minor point that some may want to consider.

But for most people, that are not ranchers, etc "car gun" probably means a handgun. Frankly I don't like to leave a gun in the car unattended if I can help it. I agree, however, as others have indicated we have to balance pluses and minuses. But I think a good case can be made for car gun in several situations. 1. as mentioned you can not carry a big gun, so have small gun on person and big gun in car 2. you are concerned about having quick access to your holster gun when behind the wheel 3. you carry a semi auto, but would like a revolver for firing from within car, because concerned semi auto slide may hit something in car and fail to cycle.

I have been giving some thought as to how to mount a holster or other device on vehicle to give me easy access to a gun. I generally wear a mini glock IWB which is not too accessible behind the wheel. My present thinking is not to move primary to vehicle mounted holster, but to carry BUG and put that in vehicle mounted holster. If I have to exit vehicle quickly do not want to end up unarmed, therefore have gun on person. BUG would probably be smith centennial as I like revolver in case I have to fire inside vehicle. So my thinking is for a gun that serves a dual purpose- BUG when outside vehicle and "car gun" when in vehicle.

12-19-2003, 12:40 PM
I didn't for years carry a gun in the car unless it was on me, and a chance encounter with , made me rethink, I have already posted what type of rifle I carry, secured in the over head, but I also carry a SIG 2340 in 357sig in the mao pocket of the drivers door, when I have to leave the truck the rifle is secured by means of lock and key and the pistol goes into the console safe, that once the power is off can only be open by key.
Its still a toss up on carrying guns in cars around here, some of my brothers and sisters in blue understand the thinking behind it, others don't and go out of there way to make it hard on those who do, the other down side is here with the amount of schools and adjcent properties, we have to be carefull and not cross them, the states law is the same as the Fed's on firearms on school property

12-19-2003, 01:36 PM
Long ago, I used to work part-time in a gun store. A customer brought in a formerly blued Walther PPK .380 that he had left in his car over the course of an entire Maine winter. It was so badly rusted that the slide would not budge. He had stored it, with a round chambered, under his seat. The chambered round was still in there. The finish was completely ruined, the steel was so pitted that you could feel the damage. I often remember that ruined Walther when I temporarily secure a firearm in a vehicle. Generally, I avoid "glove-box carry" these days, but I have practiced it in the past. I always keep triggerlocks in each vehicle in case I need to secure a firearm temporarily.

When it is practical to do so, I like to have a rifle in the vehicle, but that is not often. So most of the time, my "car" gun is my handgun. I tend to think of my BUG, worn in an ankle holster as my primary firearm when I am in the car. I can draw it discretely, and don't have to wrestle any with the seat belt.

Sometimes, I will put a handgun in the console between the seats. I like doing this because I can open the console and actually grip the handgun without being obvious, say I'm stuck in traffic, and something causes me to become uncomfortable. Also, if my wife and kids are in the car with me, and I need to run in somewhere, a handgun remains with her in the vehicle.

Randy Harris
12-19-2003, 02:27 PM
As far as making sure I have a pistol accessible while in the vehicle, I normally(8-9 months per year)carry in pocket holsters(G33 and SW342) and I'll normally just take the right side holster and gun out and place it under my right thigh. Easy access, well hidden,safe since it is still IN THE HOLSTER. When I exit the vehicle I slip it back in my pocket. If I am wearing a belt holster on the right(strong) side, then I'll just pull my BUG (J frame) out of left pocket and put it under my thigh, or just pull it up high enough out of the pocket for the grip to be accessible to draw. I don't suggest anyone put a glock under their thigh WITHOUT a holster covering it, but I feel pretty safe with it HOLSTERED. For you guys that also carry G26/27/33 you might consider buying a pocket holster as a "car holster" to take your pistol out of your belt holster and put in the pocket/car holster while driving then reholster to your belt when you get out. Just don't get out and forget it, leaving it in plain view on the front seat! CRUEL HAND LUKE

12-19-2003, 04:59 PM
Thanks for the thoughts guys.

Vig Creed, I like the idea about the gun safes, somebody also posted this on the other thread: http://www.handgunsafe.com/4811s.htm

but I think I like your idea better... it's quite a bit cheaper :D

What always bugged me was people leaving guns in vehicles with no security on them. Hell, one guy I know leaves his in his vehicle unlocked, under the seat next to his CD changer. He's had 3 stolen from his vehicle so far... both CD changers and firearms.

I like the idea of a car rifle or shotgun in the trunk. It's locked up where you can get to it fairly easily, but somebody trying to steal it would have to either steal the whole car, or take their time getting to it. What really gets me is people leaving handguns in their vehicles, usually under their seat, or in the unlocked glove box. It always seemed like negligence to me when it's so easy to do SOMETHING to help prevent theft.

If a determined criminal wants to and has the time, they'll get at your firearms. I have some great horror stories, like the guy who had his 2,000 lb Browning safe( bolted to floor in his basement), stolen out of his house while on vacation. Cut right out of his basement, a section of wall cutout and a flatbad backed up for it.

However, a few simple precautions seem to go a long way without too much effort.

12-20-2003, 06:38 PM
For work and for an activity I am involved in I routinely have to travel into and onto DOD facilities and Military Bases. Therefore there are some days I can either not carry a gun. Or at leas thave to leave it in the car while visiting a DOD facility.Soem days I know my schedule so I will stop at home and drop off the guns before I have to travel to a military base at the end of the day.

Yes sometimes I am without a gun. Can not help it. If I were to be discovered with one on a military base, it is afederal felony, I lose my job for violating company policy, and my team loses its coach. Not risking that.

Having said that. When I travel out of town or when I am on my own time I keep my carry gun plus at least one other gun with me. The second gun usually goes in the consol. Since it is a J frame when I am goign to be wearing anything buy cowboy booty it normally resides in an ankle holster. For long car trips this is the carry gun and the belt gun goes in the console for comfort.

Behind the seat goes an AR-15 with M500 in a discrete case, or the Benelli or the 870 or sometimes the Scout Rifle just to be different.

The main weapon now in the truck at all times is perrper spray and a shambok. IF you have ever seen a shambok used you know how effective they can be.


01-02-2004, 04:21 AM
My car gun is a rifle. Either my Bushmaster carbine or my Marlin .44 mag lever. I always carry a pistol.

01-02-2004, 11:00 AM
My car gun is the one I'm wearing. I have been giving this some extra thought in the past few days and this thread has helped.
I seldom leave a gun in the car and when I do it is locked with a gun lock.
When traveling in State I use a BUG on the ankle for my car gun as it is easier to get too.
I have been thinking of going to a shotgun in the truck as my car gun, so I have purchased a locking rack similar to what the local police use. I drive a Blazer with a lot of windows and no trunk. Any ideas?
Should I just forget it and go with what I do now? Don't want my weapon stolen and used on another person.
Thanks for all the info here.

01-02-2004, 11:19 AM
At one time I know that there was a lockable rack for shotguns (maybe rifle's too?) that fit flush with the ceiling of the vehicle between the door posts behind the front seats, keeping it out of sight from outide the vehicle. With suitably tinted windows, it would probably not be seen. Sorry, but I have no idea who the manufacturer was, if they still make it or where to get one.:(

01-02-2004, 03:47 PM
I think the company is called SkyRack or something with Sky in it, some times you can find them in the Gall's police catalog.

01-03-2004, 07:40 AM
I think the company is called SkyRack or something with Sky in it, some times you can find them in the Gall's police catalog.

Thanks for the help I'll look them up.