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Gabriel Suarez
12-18-2003, 08:01 PM
Low Light Gunfighting Instructor®
January 26-27, 2004 Corona, CA

The two days after the "Operator" Low Light Gunfighting course, Our instructor Wes Doss will conduct an instructor level session for those wishing to learn the intricasies of teaching low light. This is not the typical flashlight stuff that is done on a square range ("This is the Harries, This is the Rogers, etc. etc.").

There is a limit to what can be done in reduced light on a square range. This course is intended to teach instructors how to surpass those limits and how to implement a safe yet reality-based low light gunfighting program at your agency, school, or business.

This was initially developed for police departments wanting to send officers to a "Train The Trainer" course, but we open it to everyone who attends the operator portion of the class. That is FOUR days of professional Low Light Gunfight training at operator and instructor levels for less than $500!!

For civilian guys who've always wanted to go to a Surefire or Streamlight Low Light Instructor Course but were not LEO, Military,couldn't get a letter from the President, or didn't want to give up a DNA sample to attend, this is intended to the the exact same thing, only better, AND open to civilians.

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