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Seppo Vesala
12-14-2003, 08:06 AM
I used Streamlight Scorpion for several years as my back-up tactical flashlight. The Scorpion is small and handy flashlight, with fairly bright light.

I was somewhat dissatisfied with the Scorpion, mainly for three reasons: Although the light is bright with fresh batteries, the light dims fairly fast and turns yellow. Secondly, the light can be turned on accidentally (I have had this happened two times when I put my duty belt on locker. The next time I put the belt on and checked the flashlight, the batteries were dead, and the lens had melted because the light warms up conciderably when lit). And lastly, the light does not have a proper momentary switch. If you press the click-on switch halfway down, you get a momentary light. But that is unacceptable in a tactical light, which will be used under high stress. (Actually, once on the shooting range while practicing flashlight techniques with a cover officer, I wondered why my partner used a constant beam on his flashlight, until I realized that I had accidentally clicked my flashlight into constant light).

Other than those gripes, the Scorpion is a pretty good light. It has fairly even tight beam, and although it is adjustable, you donīt want to widen it because there are some very bad dark rings on the beam when widened. The body of the flashlight is covered with rubber sleeve. Some people donīt like it, because it can stick to your clothing it carried on pocket. I have never had any problems with that, but then I carry it on holster. I have read that the sleeve can be loosened and it can start to twist, which can tear the sleeve apart. In my light, there is no evidence of that, however.

Scorpion would not be my first choice for a tactical flashlight (although I have used it as such in the past), but for general purpose use it is a very good flashlight, especially considering the price: You can probably get it for less than $20.

12-18-2003, 11:06 AM
Seppo Vesala,
I bought my Streamlight Scorpion at the end of 1995 as a backup for my SL20. I carried my Scorpion my duty belt until April of 2002. The only problem I ever had with the scorpion was the reflector housing unscrewed once while I was sitting in my patrol vehicle and fell on the floor board. Luckly it was at the end of the shift and I did not need and/or lose any of the pieces. Some where along the way I've managed to crack the lense. I know what you mean about the light turning yellow when the batteries start to run down. Some time around 1996-97, I bought a surefire and after buying two new lamp assembies within two weeks I sold it and have never bought another one. About two months ago, I bought a sure fire knock off from Cheaper then dirt for $25.00 to keep in my pickup truck. I liked it so much that I now carry it. The only down side is it is bigger then my Scorpion. After reading your review of the Pelican M6 flashlight, I might take a closer look at one even though I'd like to get a smaller rechargable flashlight then my SL20.

Vig Creed
12-19-2003, 07:18 AM
I've used Scorpion's for several years with zero problems. I use them handheld and weapon mounted. Never failed me, never broke and they are priced right. About $20 last time I checked at botachtactical.com.