View Full Version : EOD or UXO guys possible/probable MATOC type contracts coming up!

11-23-2010, 03:08 PM
Guys I just got wind of some of multiple award contracts coming up and there is going to be some EOD/UXO work involved with a lot of them. The company I am helping is going to need EOD/UXO guys on a contract type basis there will be possible other jobs available. The EOD/UXO jobs are going to be part of the Federal MMRP program and at multiple locations (too many to accurately count right now), but it is all CONUS work.

If you are interested or know someone who might be PM me and I can put your name in the hat, and will keep you posted. Right now we are trying to get Q&E's together but the work is coming, we have already been awarded some of it. Experience counts for a lot here and I am trying to look out for our vets.

If you know of any veteran advocacy groups or companies that are helping people return to civilian life after duty please let me know that as well. There is a lot of work coming up and I will try to help the people (vets) as much as possible. It is not immediate but it will be soon!

Any info. or inquiries exchanged with me will be kept in my strictest confidence unless you say otherwise!

Edit: BTW I am not in a head-hunting role and this benefits me in no way. Just thought there might be some people here that could possibly benefit when it all comes together!

12-02-2010, 10:54 PM
Alright anybody know of any good EOD/UXO schools CONUS I need to learn the in and outs of making things safe if I am going to do my job right. There is no almost right to this! Nothing fancy just what all is involved and how it's done, conventional stuff you would find on a range area and such. I know there is one in Colorado near Ft. Collins, anybody have any input? This is all FUDS and MMRP work so it should be pretty straight forward stuff being dealt with.