View Full Version : Private Lessons with Gabe

Adam Jones
12-11-2003, 07:39 PM
I recently finished two days of private lessons with Gabe Suarez in Northern Arizona. I had been to Gunsite and Thunder Ranch (this last one with my wife). I must say that my wife and I learned more with Gabe in two days than in all my prior training. The other schools showed me how to do a few things. Gabe showed us how to do it better, as well as why.

I flew in to Prescott and was picked up at the airport by the man himself. I was reading the thread on tactical smiles and must say that Gabe is a true gentleman. Never did I hear him say a foul word.

After two days of training in one of the nicest places in Northern Arizona (Gabe has a local range he uses for private training) he took us out to a great local restaurant and then drove us to the airport the next day. My wife and I learned about shooting from Thunder Ranch, but we learned how to fight with our guns from Gabe.

All this for a mere $1000 per day. When you look at how much fixed location schools charge these days, $1000 per day for true private training is a bargain. If you haven't trained privately with Gabe I suggest you take a look at that option. Great training with one of our true masters for a very reasonable price.

Dr. Adam Jones