View Full Version : RDS on AA kit

08-07-2010, 12:01 PM
I like the AA .22 conversion kit for cheap practice to supplement centerfire practice with my Glocks.

I was wondering if the AA slide can be milled in the same manner as the standard Glock slide to accept an RMR?

08-07-2010, 08:09 PM

It's the Advantage Arms kit. Externally, slide looks the same as a Glock slide, although the inside is obviously different. Slide is made of aluminum, which makes me wonder if it is strong enough to have a big cut out milled into it.

I just sent off my G26 slide to OST (this will be my second Glock to have done), so it will be a little while before I save up the pennies to have another done, but thought I'd check into the feasibility first.

08-08-2010, 01:07 PM
OK, when I'm ready to do it, I'll let you know.

08-10-2010, 10:40 PM
yes it can be done? I've got a g27 with a rmr rd we also milled my aa slide so I can train with the rmr using remington gb $19 for 550 rns @ walmart. I left the stock sights on the aa slide mounted the rmr in front of the rear sights there's a 1/8 hole in the top of the slide that a roll pin is installed in the hole is now under the rmr. I'm loving my rmr rd on my g23 and g27

09-18-2010, 04:49 PM
Well I went ahead and had my AA slide machined for a Burris FastFire II by sbeckman who did an outstanding job. The slot was milled to fit the curved base of the FastFire perfectly.

I opted to leave on my Big Dot sights so that I could also train with them (with the rds removed). Normally with a FastFire, two holes are drilled through the rear iron sight to allow access to the sight adjustment locking screws on the back of the Fast Fire. With Big Dots,however, those holes would go right next to, and possibly interfere with the Big Dot set screws. The rds was moved slightly forward from normal mounting position, which gave enough room to access the screws from over the top of the Big Dot sights.

I took it out to the range today. It took a little more fiddling with to get it zeroed than the RMR, but once I got it dialed in, it worked like a champ.

I chose the Fast Fire due to its much lower price- $180 vs $480-560 for another RMR. I feel it will perform nicely for a training application. Comparing the RMR and the FastFire, there are huge differences however.

The RMR is MUCH more rugged. The Burris seems to be well made, but the metal housing around the lens is quite thin, I question whether it would handle being dropped.
The lens on the Burris has a bluish tinge (like sunglasses) compared to the clear (and brighter) RMR lens. The RMR electronics are sealed, the Burris must be mounted on a (included) rubberized gasket. The 8 moa dot on my RMR is obviously bigger than the 4 moa dot on the Burris, but I believe it is brighter as well.

Even though the Burris has a small projection on the left side for the on/off switch, it holstered fine in my Seraphim for from the holster practice.

In short, for a self defense gun, I would definitely pick the RMR hands down, but for a decent alternative for a training/fun gun, the FastFire is a good option at 1/3- 1/2 the price.

Oh, and I ran about 250 "Golden Bullets" through the AA kit today with only 1 malfunction (stovepipe).:) With a Glock and a .22 conversion kit, my other pistols haven't been getting much use lately.