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12-08-2003, 07:49 AM
While out to the Riddle of steel this year, I met a man named Scott Homschek from Pa. who makes "neck whips". They are 39-41 inches long, braided from leather lacing into mini-bullwhips that are worn around the neck.

The whips have a "tail" that snaps, "pops" and the other end has an integral loop which the tail passes through to secure it as it is worn around the neck under a shirt or jacket.

They were a big hit at the ROS03 in the canyon. Scott had brought 10 premade and sold out the day we arrived in camp. He had the materials and would make a few each morning as word got around what he had, attempting to keep up with the orders from Riddlers.

I purchased one in "saddle" color. One had a choice of four colors I believe, and they could be intertwined creating two or three colored whips which were really nice.

After playing with the "neck whip" upon arriving home, I decided I wanted a custom piece made that was double thick and longer. I had Scott make me one thats 50 inches and has a 6 inch dual tail with 8 plaits from kangaroo hide.

The whip arrived Friday in the mail. This one can be worn folded in half down the side of the pants leg with the two ends just sticking up out of the waist and accesed quickly. The ends hang an inch over the belt and are esily accessed.

Another way to wear it is to pull it through on sleeve, over the back and down the other sleeve. This works okay but can burn a little if pulled on too quickly.

Another alternative is to carry it bandolere style under an armpit and over the opposite shoulder. This works well under an untucked shirt.If the shirt is tucked you can pull the whip from the back of the neck out through the top and have it ready pretty handily.

One can also roll it up and put it into the back pocket for easy deployment from either side.

You snap it like a towel in the locker room and from there practice the redirects to the front and opposite side of your body. The double custom is very "alive" and has a better reach than the whip he made at the Riddle for me and others.

After practicing with the double all weekend, I can access/depoly it, let it fall to my side and crack the whip in front of me from two feet out to 4 1/2 feet immediately.

Side snaps from at my side are very fast and intuitive. The reach can be from 2-6 feet and the double doesn't take as much practice to snap as it acts more like it's bigger brothers due to more weight and length.

In snapping it like a towel, I can reach as little as 2 feet and 6 1/2 feet easily. Taking a quick step will produce cracks that touch a hanging shirt on the edge of a door at 8 feet.

It is made of kangaroo leather, no metal is involved anywhere and they can easily slip through metal detectors unnoticed worn as a necklace or belt, or even just rolled up in your back pocket.

This new thicker custom can be doubled [ holding both end in one hand ] and used as a flail in figure eights. It sings with very little effort and "buzzes" if done with any force at all behind it.
Not something you want to get hit with, and it shortens the range as well.

It can also be used as a garotte, trapping weapon in close.

Thought someone might be interestred in these, they have been a big hit with others on another forum as mentioned.

Stay sharp


Gabriel Suarez
12-08-2003, 08:01 AM

Sound very interesting. Does he have a web link?
How much?

12-08-2003, 08:09 AM
Hi Gabe,
All orders, including customs, are handled through www.realfighting.com



Sound very interesting. Does he have a web link?
How much?