View Full Version : Magazine strategy and AWB sunset,renewal, whatever?

11-28-2003, 07:24 PM
There has been a lot of talk about the "assault weapons ban" sunseting and the various possible outcomes. I believe if it is not renewed immediately upon sunset that there will be pushes by the brady bunch to renew it every year. I unfortunately think the most likely outcome will be a reinstatement with possible changes in the fine print. But as Ross Perot said the devils is in the details. A change I fear is an outright ban on importation of magazines holding ten rounds with no exceptions made for those manufacturered prior to certain date. I will not call such a change logical, as the whole ban is illogical, but I would call it consistent with their intent and for this reason it would have appeal. And guys I think some of those mags presently being imported from the old commie block countries are not all made prior to 1994. I don't however, think they will confiscate existing hi cap magazines already in the US or even ban their sale. This would be very politically unpopular and an enforcement nightmare.Presently AK-47 mags are quite cheap and I doubt if the ban is lifted will become any cheaper. Same with surplus HK mags. Some but not all CETME will accept HK mags. I have had an HK 91 for some time and just purchased a SAR 1. I have or plan to buy a lot of magazines for these two guns as they are cheap. My thinking is I will have a lot of magazines for guns I own and if imports of hi cap mags are prohibited then I also will have valuable trading stock. Yes I plan to buy more than I will ever really need. I also think it is possible that a renewed/revised ban may require new guns either manufactured in US or imported to be modified so they will not take magazines holding over ten rounds. This is making me think about buying some more guns that are not presently over priced and would hold their value even if ban is allowed to sunset. AK-47 and CETME versions of HK come to mind. M1A's will should hold their value regardless of ban, but mags are presently expensive and the mags would lose value if the ban sunsets. So do you have a "buying strategy" to cover various outcomes of "assault weapon" ban sunsetting, being reinstated as is or with modifications?

11-29-2003, 12:43 AM
If the AW ban sunsets then all the focus will be on creating a worse AW ban at the state level, and there are several states where it could happen especially if the Federal sunset is used as a goad.

No good having a stock of rifles if you are not allowed to transfer them.

Lawrence Keeney
11-29-2003, 07:48 AM
The best and most productive course of action is thus...IF we beat the AWB this year, and short of some arranged mega-massacre, I think we will, we have to keep it beat. We have to create a coalition of voters that won't even CONSIDER voting for an anti-gun candidate. No compromise, ever... And if GWB pushes for the AWB during the forthcoming presidential debates, then we have to let him know in loud, and no uncertain terms that we will stay home in droves on election day if he signs it. Keep in mind that the ban sunsets some two months before election day. This gives us a great deal of time to work against him if he either works for its passage or signs it.

He knows this, at least I HOPE He does, and maybe he's doesn't have the political death wish to throw a bone to the liberals who probably won't vote for him anyway.... The difference between liberals and conservatives in this case is, we are tired of the gun laws, and we tend to vote.. If you don't believe that, just look at the 94 mid-term congressional elections, as well as Bush's victory in West Virginia and Tennessee in 2000. Both states are Democratic strongholds, but went right because of fears of the left. WE CAN WIN.. but we can never stop fighting, and never become complacent. The left never stops trying to take away our rights, we have to realize this.

12-09-2003, 01:15 AM
I don't however, think they will confiscate existing hi cap magazines already in the US or even ban their sale. .

Hawaii. I understand this is basically what happened there. And here in CA, the State Atty Gen & political friends have said this is what they want.

Then we have NYC & D.C.

On the other hand, I understand many Canadians basically disregard a lot of their extremist wacko laws. And the USSR had trouble with "banned firearms" when they sent their army into the satellite countries. But in the U.K. & Australia, I don't know.

But yes, voting is the way to swing things away from the extreme left, and back toward the center again. We had one recall here in CA, we need more, right now. That includes their political appointees who get hired, not voted, into their jobs. :mad: