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Joe Average
02-19-2005, 10:10 AM
In a car, if you must shoot through a side window quickly, does muzzle distance to the window make much of a difference in limiting glass blow back into the vehicle.

Sam Spade
02-19-2005, 10:49 AM
I've not examined all the possibilities in side glass--it goes to pieces after one shot making multiple runs difficult. Looking at the debris afterward, most everything falls straight down, with some blown out. There are some cubes inside, but I can't tell if they landed that way because of the inward tilt of the window or what.

FWIW, I can talk a little more about windshield glass. On being shot, fine shards of glass from the first layer contacted come back in a cloud. This is independent of distance between muzzle and glass. Note, though, that muzzle in close proximity to glass tends to mean face/eyes pretty close as well.

One might be tempted to make an equation between the two, but don't. The tempers of the material are different, and are engineered to do different things. Can't say for sure how the side material goes.

But since shots through the windshield are almost as likely as shots through the side, you should plan on a puff of glass shards in the compartment and give strong consideration to some type of lenses.

Joe Average
02-19-2005, 01:41 PM
Reason I ask is that last night a creepy looking dude
slunk into the area I was parked in with 4 chattering kids.
I noticed him about 35 feet at 7 o'clock in my mirror.

The guy was reaching for his back pocket,
I had the muzzle just under the window.

I had the motor going as usual and put it in reverse.
He sped up towards the window, so I backed-up
and hard-righted so he would swing wide to avoid the fender.

I made the turn, swung around to the door
where Mrs. was exiting.
He was across the lot waving a scrap of paper.
Maybe he wanted directions, but coming towards my window
was a bad place to start pulling the paper out.
Sorry pal.

It just got me wondering what the best way to fire would have been
without showering the kids with more glass than necessary.

Sam Spade
02-19-2005, 03:42 PM
It just got me wondering what the best way to fire would have been
without showering the kids with more glass than necessary.
First, you get my compliments on awareness and advance planning.

As to the glass...I don't get the little safety cubes falling into adjacent/rear seats on a window shot. The windshield puff is about 4-6" in diameter, so that's confined, too.

Maybe you'll get more data elsewhere. Good luck