View Full Version : Bianchi Carrylok Holster

11-25-2003, 07:31 AM
I get a variety of items on my desk, some that I try out for my organization. Today I have and am wearing Bianchi's new "auto retention" holster, the Model 82 (part #22164) Carrylok Holster.

As described by Bianchi, "To secure your firearm with the CarryLok device, all you have to do is firmly seat it in the holster. The internal locking mechanism automatically blocks the trigger guard - instantly securing your firearm. A quick upward tug confirms that it is locked in place.

To draw your firearm, simply press the Carrylok release tab with your middle finger as you draw - very similar what you would expect from an open top holster."

Also noted:

Full-grain vegetable tanned leather

Mine is well made with solid stitching and the internal locking mechanism solidly in place.

Fits up to 1.75-inch belts

I wear such a belt daily. This will be a problem however, for most non-uniformed gun toters are going to need something with a smaller belt size. With any narrower belt, you are going to have movement of the holster. Most dress pants are sized for a narrower belt.

16 degree forward rake

Useful enough, but the top edge of the holster is about one inch above the top edge of the belt. This equates into a fairly high lift in order to allow the gun to rotate toward the target. This will rule out this holster for many women and some men.

A frequent comment I get with my regular IWB (Kramer #3) is that there is no "strap" to retain the gun. A properly fitted holster like my Kramer does not need a strap for normal gun retention, and it is never openly seen in public. While concealment should be part of the retention equation, many plain clothes cops could care less if anyone knows they have a firearm. The locking mechanism will go a long way toward addressing the "security" issue for many administrators, but will require some serious re-training so that the gun will be available when needed.

I hope that Bianchi will consider making this holster in a version that does not require such a high lift to be able to fully present the drawn pistol.