View Full Version : Peyton Quinn and Willie "The Bam"

11-22-2003, 03:56 AM
Ya just gotta love Paladin Press. Where else can you buy books and tapes from guys with names like Willie "The Bam," Eddie "The Wire," or "Animal" MacYoung?

Starting about fifteen years ago, there has been lots of good material put out about real (or "street") fighting. Much of this info can be found in the Paladin Press catalog. About ten years ago I ran across Quinn's Bouncer's Guide To Barroom Brawling. Quinn was one of the first people I know of to really analyze the psychology and techniques of street style aggression and attacks. His Bouncer's Guide is actually a treatise on the sucker puncher and the sucker punch. He breaks new ground in this book, especially with his description of what he calls "the interview," which often preceeds a physical attack. Quinn studied TKD formally, but his informally learded lessons and techniques (many from the gung fu traditions) are probably the most useful.

I just recently purchased the two-tape Street Combat series put out by Willie "The Bam" Johnson. Willie is another martial arts instructor who comes from a "real deal" street-fighter background. The taped lessons start by demonstrating a few basic open handed and elbow striking techniques, followed by several kicks. Johnson is a very experienced and talented gung fu stylist, and an all-round martial artist, but in these tapes he keeps to the KISS priciple. To me, the best part of Johnson's taped instruction is his insight into black getto street culture and violence. This tape should be mandatory viewing for all white, middle class, dojo ballerinas who think that their sanitized, formal training is all they'll need to win a real fight.--Leigh