View Full Version : past weekend training with Gabe

11-17-2003, 09:17 AM
I just wanted to Thank Gabe for his most valuable 1 day knife class I attended Friday. I wish I would have had time to stay for the pistol class on sat/sunday. I am sure that those of you who only attended sat/sunday wish you would have been at the knife clas too. I met some nice guys and was able to put faces to some of the people on this board. This was my second time to train with Gabe and I WILL do it again.
aka cj8Vet
ps 1st person I showed some of the stuff to came at me LEFT handed--thru me off for a second--there "1" requires a "2" from me etc...

Charles Rives
11-19-2003, 02:35 AM
The knife class was great. My inertial opening technique has improved 100%.

Gabe's knife techniques really do spill over well to other "found weapons" and "tools" that could be pressed into service as weapons in event of emergency. Last night I went to the Krav Maga gym a little early and spent 5 minutes working over a "Bob" target (just like the "Tactical Ted" except made to be punched and kicked instead of shot) with my trainer. Then I put down the trainer and did the same thing with a 3-cell Maglight . . . same techniques worked great.