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02-10-2009, 10:45 PM
Hello all,
I post regularly at the TR forum. I thought I'd spread the word here as well.

I work for a great Private Investigations firm in Colorado. We need to hire 2 people on the quick. This is a fast burn. I can tell you that salary starts at about $31K. **Based on quals**

You will recieve some of the best training available in the PI Industry, and the team is Great! I have been working with this company since 2003. I know and trust the owners- this is a good place to work.

If interested go to www.cia007.com (http://www.cia007.com) and submit your resume. Please send me a copy and note that you have sent it up through the website. I promise to review it and report to my boss that I solicited here and request a closer look.

I can't answer the HR/Salary/Benefits etc., questions as I am an Ops guy; but I can tell you that this company is a great place to work if you like Ops tempo and you can bring game!

No cubicle time!

Again, I cannot answer salary/benefit questions, or any HR style questions.

If you are SERIOUS (as in have a CV ready to send but want to ask some questions), call me at 719-235-7029.

PLEASE do not call until you have finalized and/or readied a qualified CV AND reviewed www.cia007.com (http://www.cia007.com)

I recieve daily/operational field updates via phone so I cannot field every question for curiosity...***GUYS!*** If you call me with a question that you could have found on the website~~this may weigh against you...

If you have a curiosity question, email it to me at: mcburnell@cia007.com

Thank You

02-11-2009, 08:49 AM
I did PI work full-time for about 4 years when I had my own company, and it can be a very rewarding adventure. I liked it a lot, but the downside was the very irregular income, which is why I eventually gave it up. The idea of a set salary is very attractive, especially if there are bonuses attached. I'm not in Colorado, but this looks like a good opportunity for someone.