View Full Version : Knife Combatives Traning

11-07-2004, 03:39 AM
Gabe et al.,

I'm looking for a training program I can do on my own or a weekend course in and around Prescott dealing with knife combatives. My interests lean toward a folder, but I've also just purchased a CRKT Hissatsu and would like to learn CQC combatives with it. Is there a program that you can recommend. I see that there's an AMOK class in March 2005 here in Prescott. Anything sooner?


Cold War Scout
11-07-2004, 06:55 AM
Take the AMOK! course in Marchwith Gabe. You cannot do better for a two day training program.

Joe Talmadge
11-07-2004, 07:27 PM
AMOK is a great system; probably what I'd be training in if my current instructor moved away.

One note: I'm on the very skeptical side that one can get a whole lot out of "on my own" training in knife combatives. Everyone seems to know that one can't become a great boxer just training by themselves, they need a coach, and later ring time, to hone their skills, develop the timing, etc. For some odd reason, people in the martial arts community think they can become great fighters training by themselves, and it just doesn't happen, any more than it happens in boxing. You can, at best, maybe sharpen up a couple of the techniques, but if you haven't practiced them against an unwilling opponent, there's no guarantee you can actually pull the techniques off.

At the very least, find yourself a buddy -- use the internet, whatever -- to train with. It'll do you wonders. Best situation is an instructor, and a class full of people with different styles and body types to work with, but having just one sparring and drilling partner will help loads.