View Full Version : Winning a street knife fight (DVD)

Seppo Vesala
11-03-2003, 09:04 AM
Producer: LOTI group, 2003

Instructor: Marc Mac Young & Richard Dodson

”The winner of a knife fight is the guy who ends up doing 20 years hard time”

- Incorrect attacs
- Balance
- Stance
- Six rules to live by
- Effective attacs
- Angles
- Target areas
- The ugly truth

This film is direct continuation on film Surviving a street knife attack. They have apparently shot both films at the same time, as the locales are the same as on the first film, and even the clothes the instructors are wearing, are the same.

Just about everything I wrote in my review of Surviving a street knife attack, can be said for this film also. The instruction is very detailed, and they show not only how to do things, but also why. And there is a lot of humor, as in the previous film.

Just the only thing I would improve is the title of the film. The two films have to be wieved together, because the first film concentrates only on defence, and this film only on attack. Therefore, I would have titled the films ”Street knife fighting 1-2”, or something similar. As my film came as an extra on Surviving… DVD, I had no problems with the issue. Folks who buy the film in VHS format must make sure they buy both films, but this requirement is not obvious from the titles of the films.

As with the previous review, this is a beginners´ view on the subject. I don´t have the competency to evaluate the techniques taught; I can only say that they seem realistic. Rather, my aim was to judge the instructional value of the films, which is very good.

Run time: 59 minutes

Format: DVD (also available on VHS)

DVD extras: none (the film comes as an extra with Surviving a street knife attack; see separate review)