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Seppo Vesala
11-01-2003, 08:17 AM
Producer: LOTI group, 2003

Instructor: Marc Mac Young & Richard Dodson

- Grips
- Dodge & pivot
- Closing distance
- Footwork
- Blocking
- Angles (of attack)
- Stance integrity

As you can see, there are no chapters on attacking, which is covered in another film (Winning a street knife fight). I believe that this is the right way to go, because this way they have devoted enough time to teach the basics.

The film starts with an presentation about the effectiveness of a knife attack. They use a ham suspended from the roof to illustrate how deadly weapon the knife is. Pretty impressive!

The film does a good job on teaching the basics. They demonstrate in a very detailed way every technique they use, and they also show why these techniques are preferred. They also show, why some of the commonly seen techniques are not realistic. There is quite a lot humor in the film, making the it enjoyable to watch.

I know practically nothing about knife fighting (that´s why I bought these tapes; to learn something). So treat this review as a layman´s view on the subject (”knife fighting for dummies”). But from my perspective, the techniques they teach seem pretty realistic.

There was a curious thing concerning the time counter in the DVD: The counter on my DVD player showed that the total length of the disc was 4:46. The first film (Surviving a street knife attack) measured 2:50, and the second film (Winning a street knife fight) was 2:53. According to my math, this would total 5:43, not 4:46 as the counter showed. The really funny thing was, that when I added together the length of each chapter, the result was that both films are 59 minutes long! I don´t remember ever seeing this before. However, that doesn´t affect the instructional value of the film.

Run time: 59 minutes (?)

Format: DVD (also available on VHS)

DVD extras: Winning a street knife fight (59 minutes), also available separately on VHS. Because the extra film is available separately, I will write a separate review of it.

P.S. Because I don´t know anything about knife fighting, it would be interesting to read a review written from an expert´s point of view.

Ted T.
11-01-2003, 06:12 PM
Ahh, Seppo,

after 20 some yrs of karte training, I decided that the karate people I knew did not know anything about knives so I went looking. I found Marc and his vids and got started.

I think you will find that knife experts are skeptical of our fuzzy buddy but non-experts recognize something they can relate to, a fellow human trying to help others survive, not sell a system.

Even after years of practicing arnis, I include Marc's vid into any seminar on the knife I teach - we usually watch it at lunch break.

good review,