View Full Version : Tactical Marksman Book by Suarez

Kodiak PA
10-29-2003, 04:48 PM
I have read a lot of combat hangunnery books and most were entertaining, some were helpful at best and a few were bad at worst. The recent Gun Digest Combat Handgunnery book by Ayoob was one that I felt actually decreased my effectiveness when I tried a few of his techniques such as "crush grip" and distal finger joint trigger control. That surprised me since I am an LFI grad. I don't recommend this book at all though I enjoyed Mas' chapter on the Glock pistol.

Gabe's book was amazingly helpful. I mean this. My shooting has exponentially improved since I read this. My biggest problem was laterally shooting to the right which we call "thumbing". Gabe causally mentions using your support thumb against the gun versus your primary thumb. Unbelieveable! The laterally shooting stopped. His advice on stance, grip, front sight, trigger control and follow through really worked! My grouping at 25 and 50 feet is extremely tight now with an NRA 50' pistol target with a 3" bullseye. I have never shot that tightly before.

His tactical approach such as 2 + 1 "double taps" seems very sound and his simple but effective approach to teaching really works.

I highly recommend this book along with his Tactical pistol book. I hope to train with him someday but I am very pleased at the improvement I have had. I am also using these techniques for local shooting competition. I feel a bit more competative.

Get this book, you won't be disappointed.