View Full Version : Guerilla driving: counter ambush tactics for today´s mean streets (DVD)

Seppo Vesala
10-28-2003, 06:48 AM
Producer: LOTI group, 1994

This is just an overview of the subject (as you could guess from the length of the film). In the film, they show some basic tricks with a vehicle (bootlegger´s turn, J-turn, and vehicle ramming). In the film, they use the same film footage over and over, and it becames boring to watch pretty soon (yes, you can get bored in less than 30 minutes!). However, during the credits, there is some new footage not seen in the actual film. One has to wonder why that was reserved for ending.

The film is next to useless, because you really can´t learn to do stunts with a car by just seeing a film like this. You need practice, and preferably instructing from a professional. Admittedly, they tell you that, and then they give the contact information of Tony Scotti´s school of driving… So, in essence, this is more like a commercial to Scotti´s school. In the film, you can see a glimpse of Tony Scotti, but his role is very limited in the film (he acts as one of the car drivers, and he has nothing to do with the production of this film).

Although the target group of the film are wannabe-bodyguards and such, there is some useful information, too. For example, they instruct that when stopping a red light, you should stop your car so that you can see the rear tires of the car in front of you. That way you have some room to manouver, if something surprising happens. This trick is not new, but it is still useful to remember.

I instruct anyone not to waste money on this film. I got it free, as an DVD extra with Escape combatives.

Run time: 27 minutes

Format: VHS (also available as an extra on a DVD: Escape combatives)