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Seppo Vesala
10-28-2003, 06:45 AM
Producer: LOTI group, 2001

Instructor: Chuck Habermehl

This film concentrates in situations, when you are under melee attack and/or at disadvantaged position. In the film, for the most part the techniques are explained in detail. At the same time the technique is shown, Habermehl explains the important details of each technique. After a technique has been instructed, there is a quick review. On some occasions, though, Habermehl refers to techniques he has taught in another instructional film (Ground combatives?), without showing these techniques at all, or by just quickly presenting the technique without any real instruction.

On several occasions, Habermehl teaches alternative techniques to fit in a certain situation, or slight variations of the main technique instructed here. On some occasions, the alternative techniques either require much practise, or they work only in certain situations (like a knife block that does not work, if the striking arm is beyond a certain point). I believe that if a technique is complicated, you should have hands-on instruction rather than trying to learn it from a film like this, and you should not study techniques that have very limited applications. In a fight, if you have to analyze the situation, then decide which technique can be utilized in this situation, the fight may well be over before you get to act (remember the Hick´s law, and the increasing reaction time as the number of options increase). Luckily, Habermehl warns the viewer about the limits of these techniques. But why teact them in the first place?

The best thing in the film is that Habermehl presents several common techniques that are not effective, or that are downright dangerous to the user, and teaches better technique to replace the bad one. This way you are forewarned on the faulty techniques you may be using, and you don´t have to find it out yourself in a middle of a fight.

Inevitably, I have to compare this film to another similar film: Hand to hand combat for police officers by C.J. Caracci (see separate review). I prefer the latter film, because Caracci teaches more universally applicable techniques, and the instruction is also little better. But this film is not bad, either.

Run time: 1:35 (+ extra film)

Format: DVD (also availale on VHS)

DVD extras:
- Guerilla driving: Counter ambush drills for today´s mean streets (27 minutes): The film is also available separately, therefore I have written a separate review for it.