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08-07-2004, 09:39 PM
In September. I have received an email from Mr. Devin Crinklaw (legendary RBWI Instructor Expert Status and first generation Robert Bussey Student as well as being an internationally respected combatives personality, and Omaha Nebraska Police Officer) who finally after years of requesting has finally agreed to instruct this course outside of the Law Enforcement and military realms. This will be the most realistic down and dirty knife class you could ever participate in. Mr. Crinklaw has also agreed to do this at the amazingly low price of only $75.00 this will last about 5 hours so come prepared. This is an RSVP event. If interested contact me ASAP for participation is limited to 20 people. 402.301.3075 or scottinomaha@hotmail.com

08-15-2004, 10:21 PM

Captain W.E. Fairbairn, one of the early founders of WWII Close Combat techniques who cut his teeth working the crime ridden, gang infested streets of Shanghai China from 1927 to 1940 as an officer serving in the British Military was attached to assist the Shanghai Municipal Police. Fairbairn along with a Civilian /Reserve Police officer Eric Sykes not only started what was to become the modern day version of the SWAT Team but also collaborated on a legendary fighting knife called the Fairbairn/Sykes Fighting Knife that rode on the belts of countless service men in numerous conflicts throughout the last 90 years. They also developed hard skills training techniques to include instinctive/point shooting and close combat methods to include unarmed skills, edged and improvised weapons techniques for training men who carry weapons for a living to 'war fight' in hostile regions and for those that combat crime in High Risk Environments (HREs).
In Fairbairn's book "Get Tough" a renowned and still highly regarded WWII Close Combat manual, first published in 1942, he states that according to the "Timetable of Death" that if one was to sever the subclavian artery located just behind the clavicle bone, the time it would take for the victim to bleed out and die is about 3 seconds. Not allot of time is it? How many of us have encountered suspects with access to edged weapons during our encounters with them?

If someone was to dominate you physically in a fight that eventually turned in to a "fight for your life". Imagine the attacker who now not only has the physical advantage over you because he is mounted on top of you smiling, as blood is dripping into your face from his mouth, but it's not his blood it's your's because he has just bitten your ear off! He now has the psychological edge over you as well.


Some say that they would use their clip-it folder knife that most every cop, security professional or tactically-minded citizen has somewhere on their body, either attached to their front pocket or to their rear pocket (useless in this scenario) or somewhere else. Hey wait a minute! I always thought that knife was just for cutting seatbelts!
Well if we are going to try to use it as a viable combative option in a deadly force encounter then we need to ask ourselves some important questions.... Can you get to it? Can it be deployed with one hand and most importantly are you willing to separate another human's flesh with the cold steel of that blade? This is perhaps one of the most personal things one can do to a human outside of sexual intercourse.

Combative Tactics & Survival Systems cordially invites you to attend an instructional seminar on "Sudden Violence Resolutions" and Edged Weapon Tactics Course.

This specialty course is part of a Combative Series and System that is designed to arm the end user with gross motor oriented skills to bridge the gap between empty hand Combative skills and Deadly Force.
This Edged Weapon Tactics Course is designed from training for Special Mission Unit (SMU) personnel that work in HREs and may have a need for a backup to their primary ballistic weapon systems in the event that their firearms become lost, run out of ammo or are rendered inoperable. These techniques are based on Western Style Knife Combative Systems and are simple to learn and require minimal maintenance to retain.
This is not a "Knife Fighting" class but a "Combative Knife" end users course. Dueling or 'knife on knife' fighting is rare today, especially in the US and really only exists in small ethic sub-cultures and in prison environments. The focus will be to develop an effective delivery system for the end user to include empty hand skills, drawing and deploying the folder and fixed blade knife in the absence of a firearm or when the ability to retreat is not an option.

Instructor: CTSS Director, Devin L. Crinklaw

When: Saturday 04 September 2004

Where: Great Plains Paralyzed Veterans of America
7612 Maple Street Omaha, Nebraska 68134

Time: 9:00 AM Sign In 9:30 Start till 2:00 PM

Who: Qualified citizens, law enforcement, military and security personnel

Cost: $75.00

P.O.C. Scott Harrison #402-301-3075

Required Equipment:

Live Folding knife with pocket clip
Live Fixed blade (optional)
Training knife
Training attire to include long pants w/belt loops and pockets for drawing clip it folders from - loose comfortable clothing ie. BDUs, 5.11 pants etc.
mouth piece
Eye protection (racquet ball glasses are best but tactical goggles will be fine or just simple clear shop glasses will work as well)
Groin Protector
Football/Martial Arts forearm protectors (optional)
Water bottle, towel (optional)
LEOs and Military Personnel may bring Duty belts and red training guns to the training

(Participants must pre-pay by 21 August 2004 to guarantee a class slot as seminar is limited to 20 students )

08-31-2004, 01:30 PM
Just a reminder thanks to the response i have gotten from here i enjoyed our conversations i hope that i will se some of you here.