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07-20-2004, 11:52 PM
What's it like working in Forensics? I'm thinking of getting a Certificate of Proficiency and pursue a AAS degree and so on.
I'm a Vietnam-era vet, three years Active Army Signal Corp, ten years Air Force Reserve as Medical Technician. I spent 23 years in a Telecommunications Company as a computer operator running big laser printers, tape drives, microfiche production. I especially enjoyed the hard to solve problems such as going through System Logs and tracking down the whodunits. Can get exciting :rolleyes: when the phones ring off the hook at 0200 hrs with users saying why aren't their tape jobs processing, initial check showing drives had jobs on and were online, calling halfway across the United States for our Computer Job Control people and Tech support, Control people said everything was fine on their end and it was our problem so there, the three of us batted our heads trying to figure this out as it had never happened before with our Automated Tape Libraries (StorageTek 9410s), I thought why not check the System Log for that mainframe system for all log entries dealing with tape drives and tape robotics, after alot of searching the problem was traced back to Colorado with our Job Control people at fault and I called them stating the terminal ID, time, Vary offline command given to our tape robotics, they checked and ate crow, varying our robotics online, our problems were solved because of my investigating.