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10-17-2003, 10:22 AM
After having sneakers that consistently fall apart after everyday use, I'm giving EMS a try. After a glowing recommendation from a friend who wore a pair of their trail boots for a hike in New Mexico, I kept my eye out, and picked up a pair of their Acadia Trail Shoes for $49 at the EMS in King of Prussia Mall in PA.....

EDITED TO ADD: photo no longer at posted link.

EXTREMELY comfortable and rugged. They fit perfectly from the first time I tried them on. Non-slip, although they'll leave a slight mark if you rub them real hard on the linoleum. They say not waterproof on the site, but I've worn them in a rainstorm and not been soaked. They're not hardcore combat boots, but they're awesome for comfortable everyday wear with the capability to withstand hard use. I'm going to keep tabs on how they hold up, but I love 'em so far.

(I've had AWESOME luck with EMS in the past. When I was on the hunt for a certian Jansport pack for school, I searched far and wide and finally found the one I wanted at a sports outlet, but it was green and I wanted black. Since I was running short of time, I bought the green one anyway. Afterward, I saw the same pack in black at EMS. I told the clerk that I was going to go back to where I bought the other one to return it and I'd be back, could he please put one aside for me. He said No, he'd trade me even-steven for the one I bought elsewhere, even though the EMS price was higher! PLUS, he showed me the details of why the one I bought elsewhere was LAST YEAR'S MODEL, and the one they had was the lastest one. Great customer service and I support. I highly recommend them.)

01-13-2005, 07:40 AM
I've worn these trail shoes to DEATH and they're still holding strong. Just about everyday after work and on weekends. They have held up phenomenally. They are a little loose in the heel from repeatedly kicking off while tied, but other than that they still fit perfectly and comfortably. They've had the original laces until just a few weeks ago when I replaced them. And they didn't really need replacing at that, just getting a little worn. Tread is still good.

Overall, for what you can pay for footwear, this was an incredible value. Sadly, I think they discontinued that particular model, but EMS carries a good selection and their quality is outstanding.