View Full Version : Suarez International Unarmed Against the Gun

Paul Gomez
10-16-2003, 09:57 PM
This one was from September of 2002. It was Gabe's Unarmed Against the Gun class in Winters, TX.

I did a one day class with Gabe Suarez last Friday. The topic was Unarmed Agaisnt the Gun and one of the particularly neat pieces was that Gabe taught his unholstered weapon retention techniques as a flow drill. Has anyone seen this idea elsewhere?
Here’s how it went; With gun extended, bad guy attempts to grab gun) Retract gun to pectoral reference point as off-hand strikes bad guys face/head. Return off-hand either to gun or to contact ready position.

If bad guy is already establishing grip on your gun, keep both hands on gun, retract gun to pectoral position while rotating hips in the same direction. (Will generate more force to remove gun from bad guy's hands while keeping gun oriented towards him.)

If this technique fails to remove bad guy from gun, drop to one knee or a squat, orienting the muzzle up and into the bad guy. Shoot as necessary.

If bad guy does not need shooting, at this point, drop from the kneeling/squatting position into a ground fighting posture and direct kicks into his shins, knees or groin to drive him off of the gun.

Gabe taught these as a progression, if you were slow initiating the first step (retract to retention position), you could immediately flow into the next step, if that was not successful, it led into another technique and so on.

None of the individual techniques were new to me, but the idea of integrating them into a flow drill was something that I hadn't seen elsewhere.

Some of the details between what Gabe teaches and what I do are different, but either techniques work in this progression. (For instance, Gabe uses a different off-hand placement for a contact ready/retention position than OPS and he favors a side-on grounded position whereas I favor a spine-down/flat grounded position.) I was very impressed with Gabe Suarez. He was knowledgeable, polite, very willing to entertain questions; all in all an excellent trainer.