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Paul Gomez
10-16-2003, 09:28 PM
This class was in early August.

I was fortunate to attend the premier performance of a new course offered by Legion Consulting in Memphis (TN) this last Sunday.

The class was taught by Devin Reynolds, an instructor with Legion Consulting and a full-time police officer (patrol) and SWAT-cop with the West Memphis (AR) PD. Devin and I met and trained together a few years ago when Scott Sonnon was brought into Memphis. I was impressed with Devin's ability and attitude (or, more precisely, lack thereof) and have been intending to train with him again. Devin has developed two-day curricula for knife and unarmed skills that have been favorably reviewed by several friends and colleagues of mine, so when I got wind of a new baton program, I knew I had to make it.

I was not disappointed. The one day class covered three levels, each of which built upon the earlier skills. Devin started with the 'fundamentals' of stick use, namely effective gripping, stance, practical targeting, power generation and angles of attack. Both the grip, as described by Devin, and his use of a traditional Filipino stickblock position as a ready position/staging area were of particular interest.

The second level material addressed such ideas as "Closest Weapon, closest Target" & "Defanging the Snake" as well as generating power in striking while retreating and advancing on the target and began work on scissoring & passing actions.

The final level covered in this class dealt with theories of disarming,
transitioning between ranges and some solid ground control theory.

All of the techniques and concepts were played with with open and closed Asp batons and opening of closed batons were interspersed liberally within the exercises.

Devin has chosen, wisely, I feel, to use plain english for all terminology and
concepts presented in his program. All to often, you see trainers using foreign terms derived from their martial studies or purposely using "five-dollar" words where "five-cent" words would work just fine attempting to inflate their ego at the expense of clear communication with their students.

Devin has a strong Filipino & Indonesian background in addition to traditional law enforcement training and, um, shall we say, 'extensive practical application of the baton in dynamic engagements occuring in real-time.'

The class was good. Devin is a rock-solid instructor. Legion Consulting does
good work. If you get the opportunity to train with any of the Legion guys, you will not be disappointed.